Monday, June 29, 2015

(remaining days: 43) ¡Me quedo!

We got the changes and I'm staying! It'll be fun finishing my companion's training for my last change. He's learned a ton and we get along well. By the way I'm a potential prophet because I predicted the transfers in the district with exactness (Just kidding, but really I did). The new DL that'll be coming is Elder Bell. He was "born" when I was his ZL in Quito West (San Carlos) and I haveb't seen his since then (like 9 months) so it'll be good to see him. Right now I'm in a trio with his Colombian companion waiting for his becuase he gets here around 8:00pm from Coca (Whoo hoo! Jungle!)
This week we traveled to Quito for Elder Arrieta's verification with the rest of the missionaries from his group. I got to sleep in San Carlos again so that was cool being there for the first time since October. I saw Elder Guild too. He was asking me what we could do during to layover between Miami and Dallas hahaha. I'm not trunky, he is. We found some really solid new investigators this week. All of them have their fellowshippers and should be progressing soon. I feel really comfortable with the sector and I hope to baptize with Elder Arrieta this change. We definatly have the potential.
The weather has drastically changed from last week to this week. The sun is pounding us and the winds are insane. I've seen so many dust devils and been attacked by a couple. The members are saying that it¡ll be windy like that until August. By the way! Check out the July Liahona. The talk about the pioneers talks about Otavalo. Kind of cool. At least for me since I'm here.
¡Les quiero mucho! Oh and Elder Wright says hi

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