Monday, June 15, 2015

"You promised me your very best!"

This week was the first time in a year that I got to just listen to the mini zone conference training and not give it. Life is too easy haha. It was a really good one though. They transfered Presidnet Richardson's training on Reaching our true potencial. We had a contest where we all had to jump as high as we could without taking a ste First in silence, and then again with people cheering us on. Our results when people cheered for us were like 6 inches higher, it was sweet. We watched a clip of "Facing the Giants" where they do the "death crawl" too and we noticed that when someone is encouraging us, we simpily do better. It was a really spiritual and really irreverent training haha, we all loved it.This week I also got to go to the leadership meeting again because my district leader, Elder Quiroz, decided to do divisions with us that day. The ZLs trained on a special training from the mission council given by one of my old friends from the Orient, Elder Wright! They trained on the importance of teaching like boats (because boats can travel on a more amplifyed plain) and not like trains (That are such bad teachers that they can only follow the same lesson plan every time). And how we can patch up "the boat" of any missionary by verifying their teaching skills.

We're still working with Silvio Torres and some other investigators that are progressing a little slowly. If all goes well though, I could have 2 baptisms with my son in his first change even though we're opening the sector. So we're hoping that we can pull it off. It's hard to find new investigators here in this sector but the members are supporting us a ton. This week will be a good one. The members realy like us too. The 2nd counselor (Gonzalo Riveros) invited us to his house to make empanadas chilenas... ¡Riquísimo! And then he helped us out by visiting some of our investigators. There are a couple other members that are willing to go with us on appointments basically any day.

Other than that, this last week I finished the Book of Mormon in Spanish. I love how that even though it's not my native language, I learn more and more each time I read it. Now I'm reading Doctrine and Covenants. Right now I'm in section 10. Today we also played basketball with the other elders on the ward (Elder Carr and Elder Herrera). Super fun.

4th quarter. Voy a seguir dándole "my very best". Lo cual es lo que prometí al Señor cuando acepté mi llamamiento. Y estoy bien animado porque voy a hacerlo con un misionero nuevo. Solo es mas influencia para hacerlo bien. Les quiero mucho a ustedes y espero que les están llegando todas las bendiciones del Señor... Chaulafan jaja

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