Tuesday, June 23, 2015

"Now therefore ye are no more strangers and foreigners" - (Ephesians 2:19)

I've been thinking for like 10 minutes where I should start... On Wednesday we had a 7 hour zone conference with the other zone in Otavalo too. It was my son's first big zone conference so he loved seeing over 30 missionaries at a time haha. It was great though. We learned a lot of good things. President talked a lot about using family history to find new investigators and the assistants taught us an effective way to recieve referals from members.

The week was really weird as far as lessons go. On Tuesday we had an awesome day filled with great lessons every hour.Thursday and Friday we just had a ton of fallen appointments but a lot of street contacts. Saturday a ton of forigners contacted us. Like 8 in total. I've never spoke so much English in my mission to someone that's not a member or missionary. One was from Austria and I got to re-practice my German... I've forgotten a ton hahaha. It's crazy how many different cultures you can find in this small indigenous city though.

Hmm. What else... I got sunburnt from the zone activity we had last Monday. After the activity I got a haircut and by my ears I'm super white so I looked like a fool haha. The wind has been randomly crazy here too. Especially on Friday. I was seriouly waiting for a tornado.

No sé que mas a pasado esta semana jaja... Pero amo la misión. Sé que el señor sabe hacer las cosas y sigo aprendiendo cosas nuevas diariamente. Aveces veo mucha oposición aquí en la misión pero sólo me da un testimonio mas completo de esta gran obra. Nunca caeré. ¡Gracias a todos, les quiero mucho!

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