Tuesday, August 4, 2015

(remaining days: 7) "Well, this will probably be my last letter..."

Dang. I don't even know what to say haha...

This week we had a special training about the 3 key things that a missionary needs to know. 1. What the investigator needs to feel. 2. What we need to feel as missionaries. 3. And what the members need to feel. But we learned more about it in a really cool way. It was like a "search your feelings" kind of thing. Also we learned the importance of using visual references to teach (Because sometimes the indigenous people don't understand Spanish), and how to testify with power. I love how I continuously learn new things in the mission even though I have time here.

This week we have been working in the boonies of our sector. There's a place called San Roque that has a lot of potencial, the only thing is that we have to travel 30 minutes in bus to get there and get back. So we only go there every once and a while but maybe my son will go there more often when I'm gone. We are still rescuing the Campos family. They attended church this week again! They've been inactive for so long and now that they're coming, the members are working more with us. In fact, we had a really good week as far as less-actives go.

We aslo had the zone council where we talk about our achievement and goals of the month that passed, and the next month. We also had like a mini testimony meeting a zone about the miracles that we've seen this month. Super cool... President Richardson gave me permision to go to Ibarra today. So now I know the whole mission! Yeah! But it was great though. We went with an 18-year-old member that is getting his papers ready.

Well, this will probably be my last letter... If you what to know what happened the last week of my mission, just ask me haha. Voy a empezar de escribir en Español porque no quiero olvidar este idioma tan bello jaja. Estoy sin palabras ahora y tengo sentimientos mezcladas, pero voy a extrañar este país y las personas que he conocido aquí. Sé que los veré en la vida venidera. Pero hasta ese entonces, quiero verles a todos ustedes muchísimo. Jaja. ¡Pero no estoy trunky! Hasta ver.