Wednesday, July 8, 2015

(remaining days: 34) D&C 98:14

I gotta start with what happened Monday night becuase of the changes. So since Elder Bell was coming from the jungle (Like 10 hours away from Otavalo), Elder Herrera was with us all day long. We were expecting him to arrive around like8:30pm but he never came. We called the ZLs and they told us that he had to take a detour because of construction. He seriously took a tour through the other mission. They also told us that he'd arrive "with luck" around 10:00pm. So he never showed up that day. We stayed us until 12:30pm waiting for his call like we were told to do, until we finally decided tocall the ZLs again, wake them up, and ask where Elder Bell was. They didn't know. We seriously thought he was sleeping on his luggage outside haha. So Elder Herrera selpt on the floor in our house and studied with us in the morning. We call the ZLs one more time and ask where Elder Bell was and they said, "Oh, I think he should probably be in the bus terminal by now". So we left and found him there. I though he'd be dead haha. He told us that he arrived in Quito around 9:00pm and that they slept in the secretaries house... The secretaries have a phone and they never called us... Who do I kill? Haha

This week was covenant week. The ZLs gave us a training on making and keeping covenants with the Lord in missionary work. It was a really spiritual experience and it made us realized the importance of his guidance in missionary work. It's essencial! So we kneeled and Thursday 

night after the training and set goals. And this week was great because of it! Especially Sunday. we had a lesson with member present every single hour of the day after church. Everything just worked out. We're going to continue applying it for the rest of the month of July.

Like I said this week has been really successful with investigators. As far as lessons to investigators, It's been my companion and I's best week together. The cool this is that many come from our own efforts, and many come from referals too. So we'll be hoping to bring some to the baptismal font before the transfer ends.

In other news... I almost gave a goat a heart attack when I threw a banana peel at it from above haha. The pope arrived in Quito on Sunday and will be here for a couple of days so maybe missionary work will be a little different. And I think you already know but I met the Sorensen family on Sunday when they arrived at our ward haha. So that was crazy. I'm sure it's the first time I've met anyone from Cedar City during my whole mission. I guess they'll be in the states again on the 20th of August again, I think. So I'll beat them to the land of the free haha.

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