Monday, June 15, 2015

(remaining days: 57) Craziest week with my son so far

I'll start with the work and then I'll get to the crazy things so if you're not interested, skip to the 3rd paragraph haha. But right now Silvio and Jessica Torres still have a date but now for the 4th of July (´Merica!) because this weekend they went to Intag (A town that's super far away) to see his mom of the first time in months. Other than that, we're working with a ton of new investigators and other investigators that have had baptism dates before. Like the Moreno-Blanco family. They were the new family of 8 that we found this week. I seriously haven't found so many new investigators in one week for a long time. Other than them we found many more.  So this next week we'll try to keep up the pase.

On Tuesday we had divisions with our district leader. Elder Arrieta (My only begotten) was with the DL Elder Quiroz, and I was with his companion, Elder Andonaire, In my sector. They we fun divisions but the only terrible thing is that they were 24 hour divisions and Elder Andonaire snores like none other... I was about to shove one of my dirty socks down his throat but his snoring sounded like a bear so I decided not to. But that was the day when we found the new family so it was worth it.

On sunday night we witnessed an assult. We were contacting a guy that works at a small store with a return missionary in the ward around 8:45pm. In the street corner about 30ft away we see this girl screeming and a guy near her behind a parked car. We though they were just playing for a second but then we saw him beating her in the head with something. We almost ran over to help but then we saw that she was being beat with a pistol so we didn't. The car drove away and we ran over to the girl that was bleeding and crying. Felipe (the return missionary) calls the police and we're trying to calm down the girl. Then other neighbors come out. Another member that was just a block away saw the license plate so we got them... Crazy though.

To change the mood (haha), Friday night we had the most successful activity that I've ever seen in all my mission. We had a "talent show". In between every talent, us 4 missionaries had a mini 1 minute skit. I've never made so many people laugh before. I can talk more about it later but I have a ton of pictures thanks to a member and I'm going to try to get the videos from Elder Herrera. Around 250 people showed up! We have a ton of new people to contact.

Today we had a zone activity. We played vollyball and basketball for like 3 hours in the stake center as a zone. I'm terrible at volleyball but I love it. Over all it's been a really calm P-day... We played a lot of 21 as well. The rim was bent a little bit on the left side so I could dunk it haha.

¡Feliz cumple años papá! te quiero mucho y espero que disfrutas este día. Ya eres viejo jaja. Gracias por las cartas semanales que me han dado. Espero que estén disfrutando el verano. Como lo dirían aquí, ¡Pónganse pilas!

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