Thursday, December 4, 2014

(WEEK 66) Round 2!

This week was filled with divisons within our own district. We did divisions with Elder Luque and Elder Madsen up on the mountainside of Condado on Tuesday. And we did divisions with Cotocollao, Elder Risco and Elder Mott, on Friday. I didn't take pictures of it but we bought more pizza in the divisions haha. The bright side of Quito is that there are places to eat. In the other parts of the missiona there's not much. On Saturday morning we woke up at 5>30 to get ready to leave with a member that works for the church. We had to meet him at a mall at 7>00 to travel in his truck showing him all of the houses in the zone while he installed smoke and gas detectors. We got done at like 1:00pm haha it was actully kind of fun but just took so long...
This week we had interviews with pres Richardson. I love interviews with him beacuse I feel like were best buds. It was a super quick interview and then we just talked. I asked him how he became a mission president and it was a really sweet story. Basically he was just sitting at his desk one day and then out of the blue, gets a call from Elder Christofferson's secretary and then he and his wife had and interview with him. Little after the same thing happens but with Pres. Eyring.
Other then that this week was pretty normal. We have a couple of potencial investigators. My companion machetted the zone this week because the last week (week 5) was kind of bad as a zone. Haha sometimes it's necessary to decapitate missionarys even though I really don't like it and I'm not very good at it haha. My mom could testify that I'm a peacemaker.

El Domingo comimos con la familia rica, la familia Zambrano. Comimos bastante comida! Waffles, huevos con queso y verde (un tipo de platano), y sanduches. Fue chevere pero nos dieron platos pequenos y sólo una cuchara chiquita. No sabíamos como comerlo... Espero que disfruten éste mes de Deciembre y que tengan una navidad blanca. Mi navidad será blanca también: Llena de bautismos (Ropa bautismal blanca)!

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