Saturday, December 20, 2014

(WEEK 68) El Cristo Viviente

I know I've written a couple of times in the past and said, "This week was super busy!"... I ask you that you take those past comments as a lie, just becasue they do not even compare to the busyness of this week haha. Now it really fels like Christmas... This Tuesday we had the mission council all day long in the Iñaquito chappel. It was sweet! Since it was Christmas we had an awesome breakfast and the presidents training had a lot to do with "He Is the Gift". I was kind of hoping that President Richardson would show up as Santa Claus but that didn't happen haha. But still, it was a good council. So on Tuesday we just had time for one lesson at 8:00pm. On top of that, on Monday after our P-day, we had to wait for this lady to show up at her dry cleaning place to give my companion's suit back to him. We were able to contact a little but we had to stay by the shop to flag her down haha. So that's about 2 whole hours of working in 2 whole days to start out the week.

On Wednesday and Thursday we had to meet with the other Ofelia zone to prepare a skit for the Christmas Lunch (I know, Christmas dinner sounds a lot better, but this year it was a Christmas lunch) that we had this Friday. We had to spend like 3 hours on Wednesday and 3 more hours on Thursday to make it the best Christmas skit ever. And it was!! Haha. But there went a lot of working hours on those 2 days. Plus on Thursday we had the mini zone conference to train on what we learning in the mission council. And i alwasy love the zone conferences but that took some times too.

On Friday we had the Christmas Lunch! We met in the stake center at 10:00am and first had a little zone conference with president and the assistants and then around 1:00pm we walked to the mission home... It's a really nice home haha. I don't feel like I'm in Ecuador in the mission home at all haha. But it was sweet! Almost the exact same as las year but we just started earlier this year. We at a sweet Christmas lunch that was a redemtion for the Thanksgiving dinner that I didn't have. We ate turkey, mashed potatoes, and a bunch of other stuff. I had like 5 plates haha. I t's amazing when you feel full in the mission. Because that rarely happens to me haha. We had a White Elephant party, we did our skit (Which made president laugh and cry, so that's a win!...), and we had a really spiritual lesson from president. After that we took a lot of pictures and they gave us some presents! (Roster of the missionaries in the mission, a study journal with our name on it, and candy!). So it was a pretty sweet day. We got back in our sector around 7:00pm. So again, just a little bit of time to work.

We ended the busy week with the leadership meeting on Saturday morning. Plus we had a goodbye to a sister in the zone beacuse she was going to be leaving home this week about 10 weeks early for health problems. We played games (Like signs) and watched small church videos and the video of the skit we did on Friday. We just helped the sister missionary move her lugage out of the house this morning. As a zone just because of wierd changes, we've shrunk from 18 to 13 missionaries! I thought we were improving! Hahaha! On Saturday we had a little bit more time to work, but still only like 5 hours haha. Oh well... On Sunday we had an appointment in the morning and then church at 2:00pm and ward council at 5:00pm. So on Sunday we never really have a lot of time either. I imagine that in theis week we had about a total of 12 hours to work and the rest of the time was spend on meetings or preparing for meetings haha. But it's Christmas. And even though we didn't work in our sector as much, we had a Christmas miracle. A lot of investigators and less actives chowed up to church even though we didn't have to time to pas by all of them... This week that's coming we'll have a lot more time to work in our sector. So we're going to work like beasts! I'm sure you don't really mind mom but, sorry for the longer letter! haha

Éste carta se llama, "El Cristo Viviente" porque el presidente de la misión nos asignó una nueva asignación. Tal como el año pasado, éste año vamos a memorizar la carta de la primera presidencia y el Quórum de los doce apóstoles que llegó el 1 de Enero, 2000. Ya memoricé como 5 oraciones y lo hemos tenido por sólo 3 días. Y lo he mirado como sólo una vez. Es mucho mas fácil éste año! jaja... Además, terminé el nuevo testamento otra vez y voy a seguir trabajando con El Cristo Viviente y Predicad Mi Evangelio hasta Marzo. De allí, voy a poner un enfoque en el Libro de Mormón otra vez. En otras palabras, soy brutal! jaja!

Los quiero a todos!

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