Tuesday, December 30, 2014

(WEEK 70) ¡NAHH-vidad! Jajaja... Dang that was a better title...

This Christmas was la bomba! The Skype call, the countless boxes of pizza in our house now, the guys in the street that were so drunk that they couldn't even stand by themselves, everything! The Skype call especially, my Spanish is better and this time not many Spanish words left my mouth on accident. That was a problem last year haha. I love this time of the year because Christmas, new years, and my birthday are all packed in 12 days. It kind of leaves the rest of the year with nothing much to do but still, It's nice to spend it here in Ecuador.
I think it happened on the 27th, but as we were walking close to our house with the other missionaries of the ward, this drunk guy with a shaver and a 2 liter bottle of Coca-cola came close to us and then got closer to Elder Luque, and gave him this weird face and then yelled this sound, "NAHH!" Which was enough to make me fall on the floor laughing hahaha. The unexpected things are the funniest. And there's been a couple of similar esperiences like that for the past couple of days. Also there was an earthquake that we felt on the 26th around 5:00am. It was enough to wake us both up and knock the cell phone off the shelf. So that was cool for me.
We had a lot of spiritual experiences as well. We attended a baptism this week from the Cangahua elders and shared the lesson while Esteban (Steven) and the guy that baptized him got changed. It was just on the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Lesson 3) but then without even noticing, my companion and I just started sharing the most profound testimonies that we haev ever given. It was crazy. This week we visited a lot of members (actives, less-actives, and inactives) and shared many differet lessons but all based on the birth of Christ. A lot of those turned out to be pretty spiritual too. We visited the ward secretary for the first time too haha (We didn't even know that he lived in our sector) and it was great because his family, but especially he, has the kind of humor where I can't really tell if they are being sarcastic or not. And I like that kind of humor haha, sometimes it's mine... We have a progressing family now! Well, the parents are members but are just getting reactivated and their son has a baptismal date for the 10th of January. And this an almost for sure too. So we're pretty happy about that!
Bueno, en pocas palabras, esto fue mi semana navideña. Aunque tenemos que estar en la casa a las 5:00pm el 31 de Diciembre (Para evitar accidentes/problemas :) ), ¡Estoy bien animado para celebrar el Año nuevo! No sé que vamos a hacer pero somos llenos de bastantes ideas, ya saben. De igual manera, espero que disfruten el Año nuevo en donde estén y que compren muchos fuegos artificiales (Eso no puedo hacer yo jajajaja, pero el año próximo será brutal para mí)... Aparte de eso, estoy aprediendo muchas jergas colombianas gracias a mi compañero Colombiano. Me alegro ya porque me cansé de las jergas Ecuatorianas hace meses jaja. ¡Los quiero muchísimo a todos!

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