Monday, November 24, 2014

(WEEK 65) The Invasion!

So this week we hardly didn't even work in our sector hahaha. We did divisions and invasions like everyday. An invasion is where you sacrafice your own sector for a couple of hours to work as more than one companionship in one sector. We did divisions/invasions with Pusuquí (Mitad del Mundo) and Cangahua this week. So we went to la mitad del mundo like 3 times this week to do those and to look for a house for the sisters. We found a house too! Their landlord was going to kick them out soon becuase she wanted to start her own business on the 2nd floor and she just hates the sister missionaries haha. But we're all good now. Plus while we were joining the sisters in their sector, the lights went on main street at like 6:30 pm, so we couldn't see a dang thing. The busses continued anyways. That should be a ride in Disneyland: Ecuadorian bus...
Talking about people that we did visit, we found a less-active member that lived in Utah for 5 years while he went to school at Utah State. His name is Kennedy Zambrano. He's been a member for a long time and was a missionary in Guayaquil like 30 years ago. His daughters are members but his wife isn't. Plus they're very rich. When went over there just to meet them and share a little bit and they fed us like a ton of food haha, super sweet. We'll dunk the wife in some water soon... Most of the other investigators are progressing that we have, they're just progressing kind of slow. So we'll hold on to them a little while and see if they go anywhere but if not, we'll just drop them. We're still looking for new investigators as well. The sector is interesting because it's really rich in one part, but really poor where we live haha. We live right next to a Frito Lay factory so it always smells like burn chips by our house.
The little that we did in our sector this week was great though. On Wednesday we had an appointment with the Torres family and my two companions are powerful teachers. So the room was just filled with the spirit near the end. I think I shared the most powerful testimony I've ever given as well. I've always tried to be a good teacher, but that time it was so crazy that it was like a dream... On Saturday night to Sunday morning I had the worse migrane/headache combination. I couldn't even concentrate in church but as soon as we got home it all went away, so that's nice. Now I feel 100%...

This week we had to clean the house really good becasue we have changes next week already! (Every change (6 weeks) goes by way too fast now). So we clean the house a 6:30 for an hour, studied, and then went to la mitad del mundo. We were there in the morning, and then we went to la basilica (The giant cathidral). So it was a pretty sweet day. I have like 30 pictures haha.
Bueno, eso es todo. En una semana (cuando lleguen los cambios) voy a saber donde yo voy a pasar la navidad, el año nuevo, y mi cumpleaños! No sé que va a pasar pero ojalá que yo esté en Condado y que yo sigue con Élder Gallego. Escuché que la navidad es brutal en Quito. Pero por los cambios en Enero, sepero que me vaya a cualquier lugar que no sea Quito. Pues, ya tengo bastante tiempo aquí jajaja. Pero he disfrutado Quito mucho... Espero que tengan una semana lindísima y que tengan un buen día de acción de gracias! Hasta luego!

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