Saturday, December 20, 2014

(WEEK 67) Está comenzando a parecer mucho a la Navidad!

Parceros! In Quito it feels a lot more like Christmas than the jungle does haha. But the home land (Good ol´ USA) destroys Ecuador in decorating for Christmas. But even knowing that, I've seen a couple of decorations up for Christmas in houses. I was just i a mall today (Condado Shopping) and in there there's a ton of stuff set up. The Christmas devotional from the 1st presidency got me excited for Christmas too... It won't snow but we have 2 things that'll happen to make this Christsmas a white one, (1.) We have like 10 baptismal dates set up in the zone for the 27th of December, and a couple more of for sure baptisms set up for the 13th and the 20th! (2.) We haven't asked for permission yet, but we're planing on going to Cayambe this month (The volcando, snow-capped mountain to the East of Quito. Most of the snow over there is actully just ice haha, but it's good enough for me.
This week we did divisions with the Elders that are opening a sector in Cangahua. It's the highest sector in the mission, called Pisulí. I was with Elder Nielson and he's like over 6´8 and big. Just a huge guy. So it was nice to have a security guard with me even though I tower over like 99% of the people that live here hahaha. But it was a fun 24 division. This week we have been trying new methods to look for new investigators. We were looking for 20 unknown directions of less-actives and found a couple of people to teach and found some new investigators while asking people around for the horrible directions haha. Seriously, some unknown directions just had like a first name, and the names of big streets that go on for miles haha. So that's fun. We also worked with some old investigators in the area book and found 2 girls that want to get baptize. One is 15 and the other is 10. The 15 year old is the biggest flirt ever but wants to get baptized... But she's such a flirt that it just annoys me like crazy haha. So that'd be nice to send in sister missionaries here to see if she really has the desires. We'll figure out what to do with her.
In the zone meeting we are trying to be super fun haha. For example we did a couple of interactive activities like a blindfold activity and an activity where we taught complete lessons like the restauration, but we had to pass around a ball to change the time and we couldn't say transition words like: exactly, yup, ah-huh, or "like my companion said". We tryed to teach like it says in Prech My Gospel, in one voice, and as a zone. So those were pretty fun. Really the whole week has been pretty fun, On Saturday we walked into a house to teach a less-active family and the dad was watching Evan Almightly (Like Bruce Almighty but with Steve Carrol turing into Noah) And it was right at the end when they're in the ark, so we walk in and said, "Dang, brother Amagua, we were going to just teach about Noah's ark, but I guess now we don't have to... Who wants to sa the closing prayer?" And we gained their trust right away like that haha. I'm learning that some Quito slang is sticking to me. And most of the slang here makes no sense. For example: Se fue a volver, ya mismo, siga no más... Look them up on Google translate and see if they make sense, because I don't knowif they really do haha.
En Colombia hacen algo cada año que se llama: "El Día de las Velitas" Donde ponen velas por todos lados del país. Alrededor de todas las calles! Creo que pasa el 7 y el 8 de Diciembre cada año. Mi compañero Colombiano, Elder Gallego, extrañaba esto, entonces para que él pueda estar feliz, juntos compramos 8 velas y hicimos como un mini "Día de las Velitas" sobre el techo de la casa. Fue bacanazo! Creo que tomé como 12 fotos. Sé que vamos a pasar la navidad muy bien en Condado! Gracias por todo su apoyo familia y amigos! Espero que su Navidad sea llena de felicidad!...Él es la Dádiva.

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