Monday, November 3, 2014

(WEEK 62) Wait, what?

So this was a craxy week. First of all we had changes again. I was only with Elder Olivares for 2 weeks but they sent him to his first zone in the mission in Esmeraldas. He'll be with my old companion, Elder Santana. And Elder Santana's companion, Elder Gallego (Ga-yay-go) is my new companion, plus I'm in another trio with a missionary that's going to end him mission in 1 month. His name is Elder Vasquez (Vas-kes) and he's actully already been with us for like 3 days. These changes are so weird! But I've heard Elder Gallego is sweet. He's from Colombia and speaks a lot of English. The weird thing is, the mission council is tomorrow so he'll have no idea what to say when we stand up and talk about the zone haha.

This week I got in my first car crash hahaha! Sweet, right? We were going to be late for an activity that I did with Elder Wright on Saturday (I'll talk about that in a second...) so we took a taxi and the driver tried to shoot the gap but got t-boned haha! My companions and I saw it coming but we were to shocked to say something. Everyone was fine and the taxi wasn't really in that bad shape. But the other car that hit us was in pretty bad shape haha. On Saturday I was with Elder Wright from 8:00am-3:00pm on Saturday morning because they did the same service project that I did like 2 months ago with the wheelchairs and stuff. But this time we were there just to translate for a guy that was teaching handicapped people how to clean, fix, and take care of thier wheelchairs. He couldn't speak Sapnish to save his life so we just took turns translating for him. They gave us free food too, pretty sweet!

On Friday, Elder Olivares and I trained in a multi-zone conference about the importace of teaching investigators how to recognize the Spirit as they attend church. I actully like training now because at first I used to get really nervous and serious but now I I'm comfortable enough to joke around and be myself. You might be wondering if they celebrate Halloween here... Nope, not really haha. I saw a couple of stores that sold some Halloween stuff and I heard "Thriller" on the 31st of October, but other than that, like nothing happens. I saw maybe one family decorate their home, but it was nothing at all like the Mitchell's or Swider's houses.

I was going to make an update on the investigators and less actives this week but so many other things happened this week that I'll just have to do it next week haha. But we have like 2 families of investigators that are progressing pretty well and we have a huge list of less active members to visit so we're pretty set up for this week. Still learning the sector but it's coming along pretty fast.

La zona y el distrito son bestiales. Está semana los números eran un poco más bajos, pero la unidad en la zona es increíble. Y si estamos por lo menos esforzándonos para ser misioneros 2.0, y si somos unidos, realmente eso es el único que me importa... Algo chistoso, tengo más compañeros que meses en la misión gracias a cambios locos y tríos (15 compañeros/14 meses).

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