Wednesday, November 19, 2014

(WEEK 64) La banda fantasma

This week was legendary. First of all we did divisions with the assistants. The mission president was in Colombia all week long for a mission president training and the assistants had nothing to do in the offices so they just did divisions every day with the ZL's in the Quito zones. We had like a million contacts and new investigators that day haha plus we have a new family, La familia Zambrano. They are pretty sweet. The husbands mom is a member of the ward and the wife was a Johova's witness but is really intesested in what we're teaching. Plus we have a lot of people with baptism dates right now. So we're happy!

So Thursday night we met a "ghost band"! We heard a marching band that was playing near the house. Suddenly we heard it pass right by the house but nothing was there! It scared all of us because we could have sworn that it went right by our house but we saw nothing. We were expecting the front door to burst right open and have an invisible band come in and start playing, steal the little food we have in the fridge and then beat us up. Love the mission. That same day a little earlier we were sitting in plastic chairs waiting for and investigator to get ready for a lesson. I moved an inch in the chair, and it snapps and I fall strait through! What do you do in a moment like that!? Hahaha

Another situation: This week we visited a less-active family: La familia Jaramillo. We visited them with the bishop; he showed up a little bit late though. So we got there like 20 minutes before he did and as we were waiting, nothing happened... And then everything happened at once! The mom just starts choking to death right after I say the prayer, her husband and daughter run to her and try to help her in the kitchen, then the bishop arrives, then their cousins that they haven't seen forever appear out of nowhere and we lost control of the whole lesson haha. With the bishops help we finally started the lesson. In the ending prayer that the bishop gave, the mom "lets one go" (a.k.a. she farted right in the middle of the prayer) My companions and I are strugging not to laugh for a 2 minute prayer, and then right after the prayer, she blames it on me! I quote, "Élder! Fue usted!" Hahaha

I usually like contacting in the street but on Tuesday we contacted a lot of doorbells that usually aren't effective but even in they don't work, we at least usually get a lot of laughs out of them haha. I share stories when I get home but I just love that even though usually everyone is home, like 80% are always busy haha. (I always think of a funny final judgement situation: I'll be standing next to Jesus and the people that we contact that reject us will be facing us. When they ask me to put in a good word for them I'll say, "No gracias, estoy un poco ocupado" Hahaha... I'm dispicable)

On Friday night, my companion, Elder Vasquez, completed 2 years in the mission. Due to mission changes, he'll be with us until the changes in 2 more weeks. But we bought pizza hut and listened to "halelujah" by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. And it was heavenly. Plus he made a shirt that says that he has 2 years now and he made the whole zone sign it. Maybe he's a little trunky haha. This Sunday we listen to the primary as they had the primary program for sacrament. It was amazing because every once in a while a 4 year old kid would get up and recite something that I don't even know. Like the beatitudes and then cite the scripture or the 13th article of faith... When I was 11 year old in primary I strugged with my one-line that I had to say. Without even memorizing it!

Aparte de eso, yo di (por primera vez en la misión) una bendición de salud en Inglés porque un Élder en la zona, que se llama Élder Madsen, está enfermo. Él tiene una migraña o algo así. Él quiso que yo hiciera una bendición en Inglés, entonces lo hice! He dado como 20 a 30 bendiciones en la misión en Español ya, entonces era un poco difícil dar una bendición en Inglés siendo honesto, pero el Señor siempre provee una manera. Así, espero que sus vidas sean muy bendecidas está semana. Los quiero mucho!

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