Wednesday, November 19, 2014

(WEEK 63) Huahua de pan y colada morada

So we had a ward activity on Saturday where we ate "Huahua de pan" and "colada morada"!... Check them out, they're pretty sweet. We couldn't stay there for very long but we played a bunch of games with the members and some investigators that came. It's funny though how sometimes more people come to the activities than to church. I was asking a couple just so see there reaction: Elder Bolton: "Ahh, le gusta su huahua de pan?" A random member: "S√≠, claro, es muy rico!" Elder Bolton: "Ahh yeah, que chevere... entonces, donde estuviste el Domingo pasada?" The same random member: "Umm... Estuve por el sur de Quito para visitar a mis primos"... Elder Bolton: "yeah, I don't think so!!"

Tuesday we had the mission council and it was weird not being in San Carlos to wait for the zone leaders from the coast and the jungle to arrive. But it was a really good one. President talked about being "A consecrated missionary". I love talking about stuff like that so it made it easy to train the whole zone about that this last Thursday. Also we had a zone activity today! We played dodgeball and basketball as a zone in the San Carlos chappel. We also made breakfast for lunch, which I always like. We made simple scrambled eggs and all the latinos were like: " What the heck is this?" Like they've never seen scrabmled eggs before. And one of the funnier new american missionaries said: "You guys have no culture!" Hahaha. But seriously, they don't eat scrambled eggs down here, only other types of ways to make eggs.

Talking about investigators, we are working with a family that we are trying to marry. They have a ton of potential and came to church this week as well. Their name is the Morocho-Jara family. They accept everything but they don't have the desires to get civilally married even though they plan to stay together. So we'll just have to bring down the machette. We contacted a referal named Stella. She's actully from the deep jungle of Ecuador where there's like no civilization. She's only lived in Quito for a month and is getting used to seeing a ton of people in a city that has more than 2 million. She really just wanted to learn English, which is what the members that pass u2 s the referal promised her, but we just gave her lesson 1 haha. After she said, so when can I start learning English?" hahahaha. The gospel is better, lady...

I already wrote a little bit of Spanish above so I'll just keep the bottom part in good ole´ English. You're welcome! I'm coming up on 15 months in the mission now, I feel like the mission life is just flying by. I seriously feel like I have only 9 months in the mission...Thank you everyone for keeping in contact with me, I love reading your letters! Hope that all of you have a great week! Love you!

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