Saturday, November 1, 2014

(WEEK 61) Sweet start

Hi!... So this week I'll just have to write about the new details of the sector/zone/ward rather than the info with the investigators just becuase there's a ton of stuff to talk about, and I'm still trying to get to know everyone haha.

So I don't remember what I said last week but my companion's name is EldrOlivares. He's pretty sweet! he's got like 19 months in the mission and he's from Callao, Peru. He always laughs at everything. Like for example, In a lesson this week we had to explain very clearly to a young couple the importance of marrage and why they have to get married to get baptized. So I'm explaining a bunch of stuff and it was really quiet and spiritual. Then I pass the time to him and he's like, "So I'm going to be really direct to you right now, okay?" And then he makes like a clown laugh right after hahaha! But like a 5 second hard-core clown laugh. So I almost bursted up laughing but I controlled myself. But that's just sometimes when that happens. He really does know how to teach with the spirit and knows a ton of stuff as well.

So I'm in a new ward and a new stake, but a attend the same chappel haha. So when I met the members last week I realized that I've already seen half of them before. Plus I already know where all of the classes are because they do it the same was as San Carlos. Right now there'salso a chappel confusion in the zone. In the old Ofelia zone there was just one central chappel. But when it split a weeks ago, the other zone got the other chappel. And we've heard like a million different suggestions and opinions on where we should have the district meetings and zone conferences. So we're all kind of wanderers right now but I hope we'll be stable soon haha.

This week we worked A TON with less-active members! Since my companion and I are both opening a zone, we had to find the bishop's son on Tuesday and he showed us a ton of houses in the sector. Plus we found an old aarea 70 that lives in the sector and he gave us a ton of referals. So we've been doing pretty well here to start out. I don't think I could get lost here now. I've been in Quito for about 7 months now so I feel like I know it like the back of my hand hahaha. We have two new investigators (a couple). The husband's name is David, and the wife's name is Vicki. Crazy, right!? I'm teaching my parents!... Well, actully they're not anything like you guys. They just have the same names. But it gets better! There's a less-active 12 year-old kid named Hitler hahahaha! Interesting...

Other than that, I'm with my only begotten son, Elder Risco. He's in the same ward as me with my grandson, Elder Mott. He's from Texas. He's super tall haha. Today we went bowling and we were purely just messing around. No one even broke 100.

Bueno! Eso sería todo. Voy a avisarles cuando tengamos más investigadores. Sólo hay que contactar y conocer a los miembros más para que podamos sacar referencias. Pero hemos comenzado muy bien en un nuevo sector. Estoy alegre de tener un nuevo sector, zona, y barrio. Aveces, es difícil tener cambios y comenzar de nuevo, pero estamos bien animados! No he estado en Otavalo todavía, pero aprendí una palabra: "Pagi" Lo cual significa: Gracias. Soy una bestia! Espero que tengan una buena semana y que sepan que les quiero a todos de ustedes!... Busquen por alguien que hable Español, porque el traductor de Google no les va a servir mucho hahaha! 

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