Thursday, June 5, 2014

(WEEK 40) Waddell Week

So this we just had a thousand more meetings than the last. On top of ward council, the district meeting, and the leadership meeting, we also had 2 giant meetings with a 70, Elder Waddell. On Thursday night we had the biggest church meeting ever in the Iñaquito chappel. All of the leaders of every ward in Quito attended, as well as most of the missonaries in our entire mission(Other than Otavalo and Ibarra). And this guy speaks with power and authority. He threw in jokes, doctrine, and machettied the members on the few things they are doing wrong(Little apostacies). So I loved it. I also got to see almost every missionary I've ever know in the mission, o sea, estuve feliz, muy feliz.

On Friday, round two. From 8:00 to about 4:30pm, we had another giant meeting, but this time it was just 2 zones, Ofelia and Calderón. Again, power and authority. He interviewed three random missionaries, a leader, an elder, and a sister. I was not chosen. However, 3 random missionaries were called to give talks in the middle of the meeting, and I was on of them. I talked on chapters 2 and 8 of preach my gospel. They had to be 5 minutes long, and a strict 5 minutes. My companion timed me. I got 4:59. Praise the man.

Elder Meriles(My awesome zone leader) is going home tomorrow. As well as my dad, Elder Richimondg. I haven't been able to see him since he left Coca when I only had 4 months in the mission. But we passed by the offices today and he was there! So I got to see both of my dads the day before they left home (Elder Agapito in February). On Thursday Elder Meriles gave his last will and testament to the zone. He gave everyone a gift in the zone. I got the best one, a green lightsaber! May the force/spirit be with me." Speaking of them going, the normal changes are in 3 weeks, but since 4 zone leaders will leave tomorrow, there were emergency changes, and a ton...

So 3 missionaries in my district left. Elder Espinoza is going to my old sector in the orient, Elder Santos is going to La Luz with the zone leaders hahaha, My companion, Elder Risco is going just down the mountain but in the same zone and he'll be companions with Elder Cabezas while I get him companion, Elder Obando. Also, Elder Williams is getting Elder (I can't remember his name), I just know that he's latino and he only has 3 weeks in Ecuador, so that's interesting. (I wonder if you guys ever skip the part of my letters where I talk about the changes, like the book of numbers... "And Asa begat Josaphat", or something like that haha.)

Since I didn't really get to work a ton in my sector or and any sector this week, the investigators are about in the same state haha. The only difference is that we found 3 new families! So that's kinda cool. One family has their baptismal date already so we'll see what happenes with them. Once again, were planning on getting a ton of lesson with less-active again this week. Pilas. Also we finally had ou missoin correlation meeting with our new ward mission leader... He doesn't know anything hahaha, so we'll have to train him. But he has a good spirit and is excited to help us.

Bueno queridos, esa es toda la semana. Espero que se disfruten este verano! Cuídense! Hasta luego!

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