Saturday, May 24, 2014

(WEEK 39) Read this, it talks about a tini granny

A ton of meetings this week! A ton! On Tuesday we have ward council meeting, but that's normal. On Wednesday, we had interviews with the president as a zone that lasted from 2:00 - 6:30On Thursday we had our district meeting and I taught on Diligence in General and used the examples of Nephi and Peter to help me. And finally on Friday we had our leadership meeting with the ZL's. And this week someone from the 70 is coming down to have giant zone meetings with us and interview some random missionaries in our zone and all throughout the missions in Ecuador and Peru. His name is Elder Waddell. So on Thursday night and pretty much all of Friday we'll be in the Iñaquito chappel in downtown Quito. And that doesn't count the regular district and leadership meetings that we'll probably have on Wednesday andThursday morning. I'm excited for him to come though.

Silvia and Martha went out of town again. They are super difficult to find sometimes. All they need is an interview from the zone leaders and a new baptismal date. So they STILL haven't been baptized, but it's just a matter of getting one more appointment with them, and them being there this time. Juan and Cathorine are still progressing well. Juan is almost in 2Nephi in him personal reading, so I'm pretty happy about that. They only problem with him is his attendances. A typical problem in Ecuador is selling bananas on Sunday morning. And Juan has to do that every Sunday to support him family. Sometimes he finnishes early and can go to church at 10:30am but other times he can't. We just have to get lucky with him and hope he can find another way to support his family.
We found a soild new family thanks to a referance from the mission secretaries. Familia Dias. Finally we have a new solid family to teach. We haven't actully had time to teach them yet but we've talked to them and they just sound perfect. We have a new less-active activating goal that is bacansisimo. Entonces, pilas!

Other notes, On our lesson with Juan on Tuesday he just ripped one in the middle of our lesson. That's right, this kid just passes gas while he's reading 1 Nephi 7 and then just keeps reading like nothing ever happened hahaha. I just looked at my companion and then was fighting back laughter for the next 5 minutes. I guess I'm just inmature haha. Also, on Tuesday, I met a a little indiginous lady that was about 3 feet tall(At most) and was probably about 100 years old, we contacted her and she gave me a coffee flavored hard candy haha! Woo!!

No mucho pasó esta semana, pero aún fue muy espiritual y eficaz. No me puedo esperar para las entrevistas y conferencias con Elder Waddell y también los milagros que nos vamos a ver en nuestro sector de Comité del pueblo muy pronto. ¡Les quiero mucho! ¡Amo la misión!

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