Monday, June 30, 2014

(WEEK 44) No tango tiempo para nada

Well I'm writing earlier becuase this will be the busiest week of my mission thus far. I'm seriously not going to have any time to even work in our sector this week haha it's nuts. Today we have a zone BBQ in our chappel and then we have a meeting with the stake president later today. We have the zone leaders council tomorrow at we'll literally spend all day in the Iñaquito chapel. On Thursday we have a ward activity, and on Friday we have a zone conference, and on Friday we have another leadership meeting and another ward activity. Sacrificios.

So last Monday we played basketball with some Venesuelans. Murph and I destroyed them. But then they called their friend over and he was a baller. He was like Shaq but just a little shorter. He pounded me haha. On Tuesday we did divisions with the district leader and his companion. Elder Murphy brought Elder Del Aguila( Of the Eagle) with him in San Carlos and I when to Santa Anita with Elder Castro (We call him the bishop, porque tiene full sacerdocio!). Santa Anita is pretty sweet but it is just pure hills. It goes up the side of the mountain. Our sector does that too but at least we can take a bus to la Pulida. We did 24 hour splits. Which are great but I just don't like sleeping in another bed for some reason. This week Elder Murphy had to play the piano for the homecoming of a missionary in our ward. The missionary talked for only like 5 - 8 minutes and then Elder Murphy played a pretty sweet song. The only bad thing was, he drew all of the attention. From my point of view it was hilarious but Elder Murphy felt kinda bad because all of the members told him how great of a song that was but said almost nothing to the return missionary. Haha oh well...

Well, I don't have that much time to write but that was my week! Oh yeah, and I just finnished the Old Testament for the first time. I rule. I'll start to read the New Testament again and just keep going in order. Voy a enviar mas historias la próxima semana, fotos también 

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