Monday, June 30, 2014

(WEEK 43) Loving life!

So I'm just loving life right now. My sector isn't even in the coast but we have the best lunches in the mission. Half of our momitas are chefs, 2 are from the coast(Which means they cook amazing), and 2 others cook food super similar to the United States. My sector is kinda small because the ward was recently split into two sectors. So I only have a week here but I'm already starting to get it down. The other 2 missionaries in our ward are sister missionaries from the United States as well. Their names are Sister Deveraux and Sister Fernelius. When I born my testimony in church yesterday I said, "Ya somos 4 gringos en el barrio... No sé que hicieron ustedes..." Got a couple laughs out of that. Pilas. Elder Murphy and I are getting along super well too. I knew him in the jungle when I first started the mission and now we are just the best of companions. We both love basketball and football and we have the same type of humor. We crack jokes together constantly. So I'll be bummed when he goes home in 5 weeks.
So one of our recent converts is a total gringo from Los Angeles named Bill Yard. He has like 8 months in Ecuador (About as much as I do) and he's like 55 years old. He's here alone just to teach English and tour Ecuador. His Spanish kinda sucks hahaha so we always teach him in English and we took turns translating for him in church yesterday. But he's super solid and has all of the lesson and a ton more. For example, Baptisms for the dead,, family history, the 12 tribes of Israel, the milenium, just everything haha. He only has like 4 months as a member but he's so solid he doesn't even count as a recent convert according to the assistants haha.
So being a District leader is like being a bishop, and being a zone leader is like being a stake president. In other words, It's easier in some ways. For example on Thursdays, you don't have to train. You just kinda meet together as a zone after and just talk about important stuff that we're going to do as a zone. But that's it. Plus we have to sent informs about the missionaries in the zone  on Saturdays so I get so see me Email on Saturday and Mondays. I dig. Elder Murphy is nearly done witht his mission but he's training me really good in these past 7 days I've been with him. On Friday we spent all day in the chappel. We first had a leadership meeting with all the district leaders and zone leaders in the 4 Quito zones from 9:00 until 12:00, then we ate, then we had a zone conference with the 2 zones in the Quito stake from1:00 to 7:00. It's super hard sitting down that long but it was all pretty good. President Richardson went to a powerhouse meeting with all of the mission presidents in Ecuador, some area 70's, and Elder Oaks. And he shared some of that information from the counsil of prophets with us. So I was dang good.
Lo siento, creo que esta carta era un poco más grande que lo normal, pero yo estoy seguro que no les molesta para nada, ¿cierto mamá? ¡Les quiero! ¡Nos vemos la próxima semana!

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