Thursday, June 5, 2014

(WEEK 41) La paciencia me traerá éxito

Silvia finally will be baptized! I have infinate patience! We had a power lesson on Saturday with Hno. Duque there too. We taught her the law of Chastity finally and we also check up on her as far as the other commandments go just cause she had a problem with coffee. The second part of the lesson was a "How to overcome trials lesson." I shared D&C 121:7-10 and D&C 122 7-8. She's being going through a lot of trials lately since her 25 year old daughter left her again and now she lives alone. She'll also need help moving houses ( a little closer to the church) soon, so there's a service project. We also set up a baptismal interview date for Tuesday (tomorrow) and her baptismal date in for June 7th. Happy, are we.

We did a service project with missionaries from another district. We made a cement house haha. It was pretty fun but I got super dirty. We had to fling shovel-fulls of cement at the cement walls. After that we had a cement fight. I came out grey. We also did a "stampede" in La Bota (A super tini sector in my district.) Which is when every companionship in the district invades one sector and just gathers up like more than 100 contacts. We did it for like 3 hours. But I swear if we did it all day long, I'm sure we could have contacted every single house in La Bota. Next time we'll do it in Collaloma. I only have 9 months in the mission but I have the most time in the mission out of everyone in our district. We have a super young mission since they split from the south mission. In the next change (2 weeks) a ton of North Americans are coming in. I hope I get to train one.

As far as the other investigators go, they are about the same. We have been working with a ton of less actives lately (Or at least trying to, they deny us sometimes haha). Juan and Cathorine just aren't showing up to church. They gotta go soon or we'll have to drop them. We're finally getting ward missionaries. So now we'll finally get more lessons with member present. They really make a big difference here.

Eso es todo mis queridos. ¡Estoy amando la misión! Si quieren enviarme un paquete, me gusta Beef Jerky y Kool-Aid, gracias hah

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