Monday, June 30, 2014

(WEEK 42) Dumbstruck

So I'll start with the big news first and why the title is called "Dumbstruck."... I'm a zone leader now. Crazy, right!? And I'm with Elder Murphy. Elder Murphy was my first zone leader in the jungle and now I'm his companion. So for that, dumbstruck. I'm in San Carlos with a ward filled with just gringo missionaries (Us and 2 sisters) which just never happens. It's closer to downtown Quito but still decently close to my old sector. I have the assistants and secretaries of the president in my zone too but they are never there. Other than that there's only 6 elders in the zone, the rest are sister missionaries. Plus, Elder Murphy only has one change left (6 weeks). So I get to kill him hahaha I'm pumped. This week they were going to open a new sector (Comité Del Pueblo 2) But they didn't. Elder Black is taking my spot and is going to re-open the sector I was just in.

This week we did a lot of fun little things. We chopped down an orange tree for a service project. Then the lady we helped made two giant cakes for us for our activity: Noche de Cine. For the Theater night we watched Madagascar 3. Only like 20 members showed up, but that just meant more cake and popcorn for us. And then the bishop slashed the ward for not coming after we gave talks on missionary work, so that made me smile. This week we also did splits with Collaloma and did what is called an invasion or stampede, which is when the whole district works in one sector all at the same time for a couple hours. It's actully pretty effective but it's also pretty tiering to contact for hours strait.

This week I learned really well that it doesn´t matter how well you can convince or prove someone wrong in a gospel topic, they will not accept you unless you teach with the spirit. There is an investigator that doesn't have a testimony in the Book of Mormon at all just because he can't believe that the spirit would tell Nephi to kill Laban (1 Nephi 4). But I proved him wrong that it could by using stories in the old testament about whenm Moses and Joshua lead the children of Israel into battles killing men, women, and children which God delivered into their hands. Plus the story of Samson. Plus I brought in the law of Moses and other stuff, but still nothing. He didn't buy it at all. The next day we just read 3 Nephi 18 with him and he believed it was true. It's sometimes weird how it works but that's really all it takes.

Other news: We had the last supper with the whole district in familia Pazmiño's house. We were prettyt tight, I called her when I got the changes and told her I was going and she started to cry. Hope I see them again. I've been just getting over really bad throat problems where I couldn't even talk this week. So Elder Obando just had to give like 90% of the lessons haha. Little vacation. I'm in Daniel right now in the old testament. So I'm only short like 80 pages to finnish the old testament. Pilas.

Well I only had half the time to write but I finnished the letter. I'm a champ. I'll be more organized next week. Wish me luck.

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