Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ustedes no son de Aquí, ¿diga? (week 29)

So this week the providence of Esmeraldas finally finnished their festivals that lasted from Saturday to Tuesday. There were fireworks every night and these kids soaked us with buckets of water and sprayed us with foam. I actully enjoyed it since it was blazing hot that day and we were in P-day clothes at the time cause we did a service project for Antonio. We painted his entire house haha It was fun though. The people that live below us in our appartment own a green parrot and they were in Quito for the weekend so they left the dang thing in their garage so everytime we tried to leave, it tried to escape. I wouldn´t fly though, just run. On Monday night it escaped and we spent 20 minutes trying to get it in. We tried whistling, pushing it with a broom, luring it with cheese and everything... Finally I got it inside by grabbing it and picking it up from behind. Next time I wont be so nice. Polly want a foot? Haha

This week we finally got permision from Hna. Oriana's grandma for her baptism! She has a date for the 22nd of March now. Hna. Melba Leones had her interview on Sunday and is ready for her baptism this week! We're making the miracle. Familia Chimbu is still working on there marrage plans but that's comming along too. This week the goal will is to find people. We´ve spemt a lot of time on certain investigators getting them prepared and now we gotta start a new chapter. Also Alex Santos was baptized this week. He's a 16 year old investigator of the other Elders in our ward. Thursday we paired up with the hermanas and worked in their sector. They have by far the most members out of the 3 sectors here in Quinindé. So I learned where a lot of them live this week finally. On friday the bishop took us to all of the less actives in our boundaries. We finally have less actives to work with. That's a number we can definatly raise. Saturday we did splits with the other Elders and I led Elder Gonzalez through our sector. He's a pretty funny guy. He jokes around with the members and investigators a ton haha.

On Sunday we took a trip to Esmeraldas because Elder Macalopu had to interview an investigator of the other district leader. The zone leaders couldn't do it since they`ve taught him before. I watched Elder Guild's trainer die, Elder Bautista. ¡Se Morió, Bautista! He was the zone leader of the other zone in Esmeraldas so Elder Morton had to stay with my zone leaders, Elder Pop and Elder Kingsford. I also stayed with them with my companion was with Elder Gomez, interviewing his investigator. Elder Kingsford is awesome, he showed me a cookie dough recipe that I'm making this week! YEAH!! COOKIE DOUGH!! They all have a ton of experience so they shared their funny mission stories with me. Most of them have to do with Jehova's witnesses or drunks that don't like the United States haha. This morning Elder Gonzales had emergency changes and was assigned to be a district leader in Ibarra. So Elder Bustillo will spend a week or two in Esmeraldas with Elder Gomez until the changes. So for now, were holding down Quinindé, with the sister missionaries, of coarse!

Esa fue mi quarta semana aquí en Quinindé. Espero que cada uno de ustedes tienen una buena semana. ¡Les quiero mucho! Hasta que nos encontramos

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