Monday, March 31, 2014

Qué? (WEEK 31)

I seriously only have like 15 minutes to write. So I didn't read any of your letters haha. But I was just transfered to Quito, in Calderon specifically. Usually you have at least 2 changes (3 weeks) in a sector but here I am in Quito haha. I'm really grateful to be here though! The coast is awesome but It'll be nice to get out of the heat. I'm going to finnish the training of an Elder from Peru that only has 6 weeks. So that means I'm a senor companion now, sweet right? I should remember his name, but I can't right now haha. I'm with the zone leaders in Calderon right now wrighting but I'll meet him in like 30 minutes. Anyways, I update all of you on my last week in Quinindé(Unexpected) and let you know everything about this week, next week.
By the way, for all of you guys getting mission calls right now, or are about to leave, good luck! You'll love it!

Les quiero. Hasta Pronto. Pilas. Elder se fue.

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