Monday, March 17, 2014

Hey look, I have a cool signature (week 30)

Investigators first, through referals, we found Maria and Carmen. Maria is curious and asks a million questions while Carmen says absoutly nothing unless you ask her a question, but even then, she just gives you a one word response. But they're both interested, you can tell. They have a date for the 5th of April. Omar(Investigator we found yesterday) is more interested in the gospel than anyone I've ever seen since the beginning of my mission. He's searched a ton of churches thoughout his life so he's kinda wrapped up in typical Christian traditions, His prayers for example. But he's an awesome guy and has a date for the 12th of April. Hna. Melba was baptized on Saturday and her two daughters showed up! We were glad she had some family there to support her since she's got baptized alone. We might have to wait another week for Oriana to get baptized since she might go to Guayaquil soon. But she asked me to baptize her after her interview, so that's sweet!
On Wednesday we had to wake up at 6:00 to be at an investigator house of the hermanas in the ward to interview him for his baptism. He was leaving as we got there haha. Ahh... But we got ahold of him later that day and interviewed him after his work. We had our mini zone conference this week and it was interesting. We are doing the miracle though! We should have a ton of baptisms in March as a mission. Also, 9 Elders got sent home recently for iniquity. So we'll be fasting as a mission and we'll learn more about it today. We had to go to Esmeraldas for another zone conference.
I memorized The Living Christ in spanish, tight, right? I'm also pounding through 2nd Kings in the bible. I have to go now since our P-day today is a zone conference in Esmeraldas so I'll sent pictures next week for sure. And one question, In what areas in this mission did Elder Greg Suman serve? I'm curious.
Gotta go! Hasta pronto! Les Quiero!

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