Monday, March 3, 2014

Quinin-hey (week 28)

This week has been a funny week. First off on Tuesday morning a random large bird flew into our appartment through this tini window and scared me to death. I flew right by my face and then it flew into the bathroom so I trapped it in there. As we were leaving I opened the bathroom door and the big window so it would fly out later, thankfully it did. We have lunch with the other missionaries as well on Tuesdays and while we were helping cook chicken and carne on the grill, Elder Bustillo got hit by a random giant brown fruit on the back of the neck and it stained his shirt bad hahaha. I busted up laughing. Pobrecito... Elder Pop(Zone Leader) was messing with a pigeon and it attacked him. So that was fun. Also a 16 year old kid caught a bat 10 minutes before sacrament meeting and was showing it off to the primary kids. We were playing soccer today and I was playing goalie got hit it the face by a soccer ball hard. But I stopped the ball! Hahaha... Qué loco, diga?
This week we baptized Anthony & Joao Miraba! They are 8 and 9 years old but we taught them together. We were just randomly visiting a member family and they told us that they weren't baptized yet so we taught them a lesson every day and baptized them the same week haha. Our solid investigator with a date is Hna. Melba. She's about 50 years old. She's commited to be baptized on the 15h of March. She's had missionaries visit her before but she's had some problems that have stopped her from being baptized. But she's all good now. We have a marrage date for familia Melba so that's their first goal. We also worked hard on Gabi and familia Mendez this week. Next week we need to find some new investigators. The mission goal in March is for each zone to have at least 2 baptisms every week. There`re certain rewards for the zones that do it. ¡Y zona San Rafael es El Mejor! ¡Y, tenemos las únicas hermanas en toda la costa! ¡Pilas!
Since Saturday and until tomorrow we can only leave the house if we have set appointments. Voting is going on down here and it can get kinda crazy on the coast so we've been taking it easier lately. We basically just can't contact but whenWednesday come we'll be good to go again. Elder Pop and Elder Kingsford came down again to interview our Anthony(The bishop interviewed Joao, he's eight). I forgot my umbrella yesterday cause there wasn't a cloud in the sky but after a lesson it randomly raine hard on us. So we got soaked haha it was awesome. I bag my stuff too so nothing got ruined in the rain. I also ate guinea pig on Wednesday. It tasted like a rubber chicken haha. I became friends with them the day before but the next day I ate one of them. Friends shouldn't eat friends, but I did haha. A lot of people here in the coast talk faster and don't pronounce their S's even more than the Orient. Ex: La costa = La cota.
Ese fue mi tercer semana en Quinindé. ¡Les quiero mucho!

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