Monday, December 2, 2013

Estoy soñando de una Navidad blanca (week 15)

Tis the season. Every week here is awesome! And it keeps getting better and better! Elder Magalhaes said that the mission flies by really fast after Christmas but it already feels like it's flying by right now. I mean, it's almost Christmas! Where did the time go?

Our new investigators are doing awesome lately! We have several new additions to the one-two punch, Elder Bolton-Elder Richimondg lesson legacy. One of them is a street contact named, Indida. She has one daughter and is married. We asked inspired questions on the street and guess what she wants, an eternal family. Lesson 2 amigos, lesson 2.

Our new family of the week, Familia Japa, I´m sure will be baptized. We've only had a couple lessons with them but the family felt the spirit very strong and they're very interested. The first lesson the father wasn't there but the second lesson he was and he was questioning us like, "Want do you want from my family?" and asking a bunch more questions about religion but after we explained our purpose and everything he ended up being the coolest guy and now he's really interested. We didn't feel like we should ask them to be baptized yet but we will drop the Baptizm-bomb next time. The only two problems are that they aren't married (Like a lot of people here) and Elder Richimondg is gone right now to his Zone leader meeting in Quito with Elder Murphy. So that lesson might have to wait a little longer. I'm with the other Elders in Coca right now, Elder Magalhaes and Elder Wright. We're staying in my appartment right now because it's a ton better than theirs. And I could visit familia Japa with them but they can't this Tuesday and after that I might be in Quito for a couple more days...

Why would Elder Bolton be in Quito again might you ask? Because we might have our Christmas dinner with the mission Pres and his wife this week! That's why! It's not for sure but maybe. Since Elder RIchimondg is there right now I'd probably just bring a few more of his things up to Quito and we'd meet him there. If not this week, sometime this month. Either way I'm excited. During our zone meeting with Lago Agrio last week we planned to have a ton of baptisms for the 21st of December. Right before Christmas is the best time. White Christmas because of the baptisms, aww yeah!!

Answering questions: I'm pretty sure as far as packages go, I'll probably get it whenever I go up to Quito, which would be probably this week for Christmas. Or whenever the Zone leaders come back from their Zone leaders conferences they send the packages down with them. That's how we get our boxes of Book of Mormons and pamplets I'm pretty sure. That's how I got my Visa back as well. And the new Elders name is Ryker Wright and his mom's name is Colleen. So if ya wanna look him up, feel as free as a bird. Oh and also, It's kind of obvious but they don't celebrate Thanksgiving here. So there were no special dinners haha. But that awesome you guys got to spend do time with other missionaries at our house! I hope you helped them gain wait. Because of the sweat, smaller quantites of food, running in the morning, and running in the toilet... That's a thing that I'm losing haha.

Les quiero bastante! Don't type that in google translate family, I'm sure it wont work haha. And all you bros our there, keep serving like Alma and Amulek but better! Represent around the world!

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