Monday, December 16, 2013

(week 17) El poder de la Piña

So for the past two week all of what I've been eating are pineapples and grilled cheese sandwiches. I could almost live forever like that. The grilled cheese sandwichs I make have this really spicy but delicious cheese and I put salami on it too. My companion loves me for them. The pineapples that are yellow inside are  hawaiian and those are the ones that I usually buy but two days ago I found one from Guayaquil and those are white inside. It was huge! I ate the whole thing in one night and my mouth felt like it was on fire!

Anyways, the members here have been awesome. We´ve still been getting a ton of referals. We got 6 just this weekend(And that doesn't include their families)... Sergio, Andres, Kelly, Hendry, Miriam, and Dara. We´ve taught just about the Savior to all of them for the first lesson since Christmas is coming down the pipe. It's really easy to teach about the atonement cause the spirit is always there. We taught Miriam and her family, Kelly, and Henry about the Restauration and Book of Mormon now. They all have a lot of potential to progress but only a few of them came to church this Sunday unfortunatly. We'll get em all next week. Kevin and Bryan(Investigators of the other Elders in Coca) will be baptized this weekend and our investigators: Familia Japa and maybe Miriam too, will be baptized on the 28th of December! Oh yeah!!

I gave a talk in church this Sunday about the savior and based on Pres. Packers talk about mercy and justice called, The Mediator, I think. It went pretty well. Better than I expected at least. It's dang hard to give a talk in Spanish though. Random notes: It's not old news but people are not afraid to honk their car horns here. I hear those and car alarms all the time. And whenever I pass by a TV, The Simpsons in Spanish is always on. We had a mini zone conference this last Thursday and I got more packages. With Candy!! Thanks Familiy! The paper christmas tree is awesome too. Elder Richimong said it was, "Full Chevere!" I finnish the new testiment now which I started about 2 weeks into the mission field. I actully like to read now, is that weird?

That basically my whole week. Family: I'll try to make a skype right now and I'll send you more info about when and other stuff... I love you all! For those of you where it is snowing, send me a package of snow, please! Nos vemos.

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