Monday, December 30, 2013

La mamá de las semanas. (week 19)

Vamos a empezar con la noche del 24: Pig intestines. She fed us pig intestines, with the food still in them of coarse. But it wasn't just pig intestines, but it was pig intestine soup. What an experience. More interesting food to come...

The 25th of December was awesome! In the morning I woke up and ate a ton of snacks that I've got from members and my family from packages. We played Uno like all morning long. But it's "Mission Rules" Uno, about 1000x better than regular Uno. Ask me in 20 months and we'll play it. Then I got to talk with the fam on Skype! It was the coolest thing seeing them again for the first time since August. I'm sure I looked pretty with all the sweat dripping down my face as I was talking with them, but that's what ties are for. After that we just chilled, played games with, and watched movies in Spanish with Presidente Marco and his wife while the other Elders were talking with their families. Then we had La Cena de Navidad with them. They gave us a ton of food! If I had a mirror I could have seen the food up to my throat. Then they drove us home because the streets can be dangerous at night. That was my Christmas in the mission.

The 26th we went to Lago for a Christmas Zone meeting and had a Secret Santa gift exchange(Which I bought that morning). Elder Galvis was mine, He got me a new tie and candy. I got Elder Leong chocolate. Every missionary likes severly melted chocolate. We played Uno with them as well and then we ate at this cheap but good Chinese restaurant. They were telling us they played Uno too and Elder Hess lost like 5 times in a row so they made him chug a 3L bottle of Sprite. The video was priceless; Worth more than the Liahona, I'm sure. We had our ward Christmas/New Years party on the 27th. They had a ton of extra food(Christmas, Pt.II) and they played musically chairs & other games. We had a lot of investigators show up too so that was good.

Here's the other interesting food I promised: Mayones! They are these little orange worm things that we ate on Saturday. Look em' up. I also saw steaked, grilled Guinea Pigs for the first time. They might be adoreable while alive, but when they´re dead, grilled, and have a plank of wood jammed up their butts, not so much. I kinda wanted to try it but I didn't want to pay $20 to buy a rat with a deamon face. Look those up too! Haha.

The big news! Changes are today. Results: Elder Richimondg is leaving to Quito to be a zone leader in Ofelia, Elder Magalhaes is going to Quito as well but in Calderon to also be a zone leader. Elder Hess is leaving to be a Secretary(Dang, Right!) My new companion and the new zone leader in Coca will be Elder Black, whom is in Esmeraldes right now. He is from Utah and he has more than a year in the misson. That's all I know about my companion right now though. Elder Wright will be companions with Elder Mamani. Elder Galvis will be Elder Leong's companion and the district leader of Lago and Coca(How does that work?) and Elder Murphy will get Elder Sanchez, whom was in my group when I first got in Ecuador. Elder Richimondg and Elder Magalhaes can't leave today or tomorrow since there's like no busses right now because of New Years. So we'll party with them. Wo Hoo!!

Dang this letter was big. That was my week! I'll update you guys on the new companions next week after they get here! Everyone have a happy new year wherever you are! I'll be hinding in my appartment as roman candles and much more fly by! Feliz Año Nuevo!

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