Monday, December 9, 2013

¡Que Rico! (week 16)

Saludos, de la amazonas. Pretty rock solid week. After P-day last week we planned the best Tuco Tuesday ever. At the time it was only Elder Magalhaes, Elder Wright & I in Coca since my dad, Elder Richimondg was in Quito with Elder Murphy for a Zone leadership meeting. However that Tuesday morning Elder Richimondg called us and told us to come up to Quito right now for LA CENA DE NAVIDAD!! And it was a pretty awesome trip. We started the 8 hour, 8,500ft elevation change trip by watching White House Down and Olympus Has Fallen in Spanish of coarse. What? It's in Spanish so I'm learning... Awesomely. We got there around 10:00 at night and stayed in San Carlos & ordered Papa Johns.

Wednesday we traveled to the church offices in Quito to buy some stuff. I needed some Spanish scriptures because they've been missing since I've arrived in Ecuador and I can't buy any in Coca unfortunatly. And the store was closed at the time so that was a bummer too haha. After that we met up with the zone from Ibarra at the president's house around 5:00 and just talked with them for a little bit while we ate chips & dip. Then 6 at a time we went up the elevator to the 7th floor(Yes, his place is heaven haha) and could smell the turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, fresh baked bread, banana jello, & Tres leche cake. Yes, I have a good nose when it comes to food and could smell all of those individually. It was awesome because it was like a redemption Thanksgiving. We ate, carroled in the streets, had a white elephant, and heard spiritual messages from the president, assistants, and our zone leaders. Bacancicimo.

The next day while everyone else in our zone started the journey back, Elder Richimondg and I had to meet up with the mission nurse at the hospital so Elder Richimondg could get an MRI for his shoulder that has been killing him still. The appointment for some reason took for ever though and it was too late to travel back to Coca that night so from about 4:00-9:00 we did splits with Elder Pop and Elder Cedeña in La Luz sector and then left back home that morning. I love Quito but it's good to be back in Coca. After I'm gone from my investigators for too long it just doesn't feel right.

So I didn't really have a chance to get to my investigators this whole week other than Saturday and Sunday, so there is not much new news on them. However Joel (The oldest son from la familia Japa) Made it to church this week! I found this family with contacting so I basically love them to death. The parents weren't able to make it this week but Joel did. He's missing his left arm from his elbow down. He's the coolest 13 year old and the most humble, nicest little dude ever. He's a little shy but he made it to the young mens activity too! He really wants to be baptized and cannot wait for his date.

My Spanish is coming alone pretty well but I still need a ton of improvement. I slowly notice that I can understand people a little more easily and I'm able to talk back a little more easier. When we're teaching a lesson or when church-related things are being talked about, I can understand just about all of it. It's the random conversations that we sometimes have with the members that just leave me there clueless. So after I perfect sentence structure and Gospel-related stuff, I'm going to need to work on the random stuff like animals or something haha.

And yes Dad, I'm good for the Snow-Heat trade. Just send some snow in a package with mother Mary all over it like the package I just recieved. I'll send you a bottle of sweat or something haha. I'm glad you guys survived the trip up to SLC for the Bolton family reunion... And to make it even Grandma Richins, I'll mention you two in a discussion with my favorite investigator family tomorrow. To the Bros: KEEP DOING WORK!!

Oh yeah I just remembered this! But while in Quito with Elder Richimondg after the hospital, we met some members of the church on the street and there was a really old lady that said she needed a blessing so we walked a little bit until we found a quiet park and gave her a blessing and imeadiatly after the old lady and her daughter just broke up into tears and thanked us like crazy. The spirit was higher than the altitute of Quito. I was reminded of that because I just read Dirty Dan´s miracle-packed letter. Thanks Dirts!

Feliz Navidad.

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