Monday, November 25, 2013

The Jungles latest (week 14)

¡Chuta amigos! How is the rest of the world as far as weather? In Coca it's still as hot and sweaty as a sauna. It may not ever snow here but were still going to have a white Christmas here in Coca, get it? Picture a missionary... Ah yeah, now you understand. Bien hecho.

So this last week was "The Hunt." We need more new families and investigators. Plus we needed at least one new appartment for the new missionaries coming in 5 weeks(I'll get to that later) Our last wave of investigators is basically done. We set up new baptismal appointments with Diana and Patricio for pretty soon but we have to work on more people now. We had lunch with Diana think Saturday and we had shrimp. It soooooo good. We found a family of 6 two days ago that has a lot of potential. We taught them the Gospel of Jesus Chirst first as the spirit directed. Next time will be about the restauration because they had questions about the Book of Mormon and Prophets.

We found 3 different appartments but they aree kind of expensive so we'll see if we can find more. We think we have a mouse in our house(Nice rhyme, Dr. Seuss...) So if he comes back I'll kill him, or give him a Book of Mormon. Tal vez, los dos. For the next change in 5 weeks, we're going to have 6 missionaries in Coca and 6 in Lago Agrio. So instead of 7 total missionaries in the two cities, we're going to have 12. (There's an answered prayer for ya. The work is moving forward.) And we have already been separated into 2 districts now because of the expenses and time it takes to travel back and forth every 2 weeks. Elder Hess is the new district leader in Lago, and Elder Magalhaes is still the district leader here.

Right now there are 4 missionaries in Coca. Elder Magalhaes picked up his new companion from Quito yesterday. His name is Elder Wright from Riverton, Utah. Like me, He didn't know any Spanish before his mission. He took French for 3 years in high school. He's a pretty cool guy, he's like my heighth but he weighs probably about 30 lbs more. I 'll send a picture of the fella. I saw monkeys today by the way! 4 or 5 of them. I want one as a mission pet. Elder Richimondg was telling me of this place in Ecuagor where they are on every street and people have to be careful because they steal things. The mosquitos here are smarter than the mosquitos in the US. They're like blood-sucking ninjas. Elder Wright said he has like 14 bites on his legs. Hahaha oh it's fun. Sometimes you get like a one-day-bug and you feel sick just for that day and then you're fine again.

This last week for Tuco Tuesday,(The day after P-day when we preach the gospel like Paul or more) we didn't think it was Tuco enough. So we had a Tuco Mircoles to make up for it. This next week we still need more people to teach so tomorrow we'll do work again. In fact, this next week will be our Tuco Semana. Bring it on. Elder Richimondg always asks me if I know certain songs in English. Whenever I do I just start belting it and he sings along and asks what the lyrics are and mean. He knows like almost as many English songs as I do.

Dearest parents, no I didn't get any mail yet haha. I'm not in Quito so it'll take quite a bit longer I think. We'll see. But thinks are going awesome down here and they keep getting better and better each week. I finally have a good amount of confidence to openly talk with the ward members. Sometimes I can't understand them or I don't know a certain word in Spanish that I want to say, But I'm starting to get a lot better at still finding ways to express what I wanna say. And if now, we just laugh about it. Or maybe they are just laughing at me. Aah dang...

I love you all! keep sending your stories, updates, and whatever else happens. Paz fuera!

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