Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Feliz Navidad! (week 18)

How is the world doing? Joshua David Bolton is doing awesome! I love the mission!

So this week beginning on monday night Elder Richimondg gave a kid a haircut. So that was funny. The kid tried to cut his own hair while we were teaching the rest of the family about Christlike attributes and he just comes around the corner half-bald with siccors in his hands hahaha. But Elder Richimondg came to the rescue while I took pictures. Other exciting news I assisted in killing a pig. Haha, oh yeah. On Tuesday one of Hna. Jenny´s pigs was sold and they killed it right there. The guy tried to kill it by stabbing it in the heart right behind the front legs. But it took him 6 tries to hit the heart. Every stab the pig made the worst squeel you can imagine. After it died his little pigs friends gathered around him and looked all sad. Merry Christmas haha. We helped carry it and shave off the burnt bits of hair after the guy who stabbed the pig insinerated it with a flamethrower... Sounds like a party, right? This is how a Christmas letter should start.

We've had a Christmas party and our ward choir(Which is mostly made of us missionaries) carroled this week. So those were really fun and some investigators showed up and had a good time too. Another thing that helps get investigators is mine and Elder Wright's English classes that we have been having everyWednesday since two or three weeks ago. So I'll probably continue doing that until I go. Other news: since I've started my mission I've finnished the Book of Mormon again and the New Testament as well. Now I've started the D&C's. I had terrible food poisioning for only one day but now I feel totally fine. But oohhh... That one day was the worst. I woke up at like 4:00am throwing up like a snowblower. And was dizzy the rest of the day but we still made it ro all of our appointments just fine.

As far as investigators was have 6 new ones! One is a family of four and they seem really interested when we taught the Plan of Salvation. Familia Japa will have to wait a little longer for their baptisms because: They wont go to church! Oh, it's so frustrating sometimes haha. They are totally down for their baptisms but we can't do anything about it unless they go. But if they do, we should have a ton of baptisms in January. We also had a suprize baptism on Sunday! haha. She is 9 years old and she lives like 30 minutes away but she is techniqally in our zone. So her father baptized her and we made up a little baptism program right before in like 5 minutes.

That's my week! I'll talk to you guys tomorrow for real! Bros, I hope your Christmas is as White as Dirty Dan's mission right now.(Showt-out!)

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