Thursday, September 5, 2013

MTC BABY!!! (Week Two)

           How goes it everybody! Adjusting to the Mexico MTC is quite a funny thing. The first day I got there i thought i felt a vibrate from my phone in my pocket multiple times but then I realized I no longer have a phone. Haha what? This place is awesome though, el Espiritu Santos here is so strong. Everything here is done in spanish, which at first, was the absolutle worst because ive never taken any sort of Spanish class ever so i couldnt understand anything except for, "Si" and "Jesucristo". The first day was honestly the longest day of my life. But since Sunday Ive really got much better at Spanish and the days are already going by fast. My companions name is Elder Gulid. Hes a Navajo warrior from Star Valley, Wyoming. Hes also a state champion wrestler. Which i clamied thats nothing much since like 5 people live in Wyoming. The rest of my district is awesome! None of the Elders in my district come from Utah but they all come from the United States. Other than the hermanas, we all live in the same casa. My zone is awesome too. My zone leader, to whom is full of the spirit, is Tanner Mangum, BYUs next big quarterback, I believe. His pure manlyness makes me feel like a little boy.
         Today I had the oppertunity to attend the temple in spanish. I still felt the spirit just as strong as I did in English. Its weird, ive only been gone for a week and the spirit is so strong here that i get kinda emotional pretty easily. I never was emotion before this... What wrong with me? The second day i was here my companion and I taught an investigator named Raquel, in spanish by the way. I dont know any Spanish so it was kinda rough the first time. But since then we have given here a couple other lessons and she actully understood stuff i said! I was awesome! The spirit was so strong, I could almost see the holy ghost! My P-days are on Thursday by the way, so thats the only time i can write. The food here is awesome too! The first day i hated it though. I wasnt any mammas food or Taco Bell. They serve weird but delicious fruits and meats mostly. The first couple of days my digestive system was on a "Missionary pace".
        The MTC is easily the most beautiful place in Mexico city (other than the temple). Everything else here is really trashy though haha. Its a pretty common thing to hear gunshots while im laying in my bed after 10:00. And the drivers here are insane. Everyone cuts everyone off and the roads are narrow so the cars are like a couple of inches away. I guess thats what you get in the most populated city in the world. When I first got off the airport and on the bus I was terrified. Sundays here are amazing too we had a lot of spiritual meetings and an awesome devotional by a member of the 70. I get to bless the sacrament next week. One of my teachers names is hermano Wolfe, but we call him hermano Lobo, of coarse. Hes the goofiest guy you will ever meet. Hes only been off his mission for 8 months and hes already teaching spanish here... Now that ive gotten used to everything, I love this place.
        Ive met some Cedar friends here too. Like Alaniey Carter and Maddie Groves. I was really happy to see a familiar face. To anyone who is going to go to this MTC in the near future(Kyle), just like my bro Ryan said, if you can make it to Sunday, you will be perfectly fine. And you will soon begin to love it! Thats hilarious to me that when you guys went to Dennys you asked for 7 instead of 6. I miss all of you guys a ton but just know that i am doing awesome and Im in the lords hands. Do not worry about me at all. Theres no turning back now. The work must go forward.

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