Thursday, September 12, 2013

MTC (week 3)

So first of all, this week my companion and I taught our first TRC(Which are real people with real problems rather than role play investigators) in Spanish and they took us down to the building where they all are and we had absolutly no time to prepare any lesson. At first we got to know her and started with a prayer and stuff. Then my companion started talking about the power and the gift of the holy ghost and she said she doesn´t really know if the power of the holy ghost is true. But then all of a sudden words just filled my mouth and i totally just went off on how to search the scriptures and how to pray to feel the power of the holy ghost and then showed her Moroni 10:3-5 and she got a little emotional and then my companion asked her, "What are you feeling right now?" and she said, "Paz, gozo, y felizidad" (peace, joy, and happiness) and then we explained to her that that was the power of the holy ghost. And she just thanked us and then we closed with a pray that we asked her to say. The gift of tounges is so real.
My spanish is coming along but I still have a lot of work to do. By the way mom, the suitcase idea worked perfectly and I already have a spanish hymn book that I bought at the store a week ago. My investigator Raquel ended up being my teacher the week after and now my companion and I teach both our morning and afternoon teachers as the pretend to be people they met on their missions. Raquel´s name is really sister Williams. She served her mission somewhere in California. LA i think. And I cant remember where brother wolfe served. But he never speaks English to us ever. He´s trying to learn Chinese and he bore his testimony to us in Chinese this week. It was sweet. I usually give 2 discussions a week now. All in Spanish of coarse. We usually commit our practice investigators to read and pray about the truthfulness of the book of mormon every first lesson. And if we are feeling it, we ask if they will be baptized by proper authority. (¿Suguira el elhemplo de jesucristo al ser bautizado, por alugien que posea la autoridad del saucerdicio de dios?)
I´m really growing spiritually here and it´s the coolest experience. I´ve learned to love this place and look forward to every discussion. Especially the TRC´s! I´ve only given one so far but it was amazing. It´s a little harder to understand native spanish. My two teachers speak fluent spanigh but they speak slower and dont have a strong spanish accent. I think I have given like about 10-12 discussions by now. I´m going to try to send actual letters soon but it´s so hard to make time here. I think they take like 2 weeks to get there from here. I love all of you guys and thanks for writing! see ya in dos.

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