Friday, September 27, 2013

llamado a servir (week 5)

¡¿Que pasa Americaños?!

Tengo un pregunta para ustedes... How does time fly so fast? It really feels like I´ve only been here for like 2 or 3 weeks but I only have like 12 days left in the MTC. I have mixed emotions about leaving the MTC. First of all, It´ll probably be hard leaving some friends behind that I´ve developed good friendships with. Especially some of the missionaries in my disctict. It´ll also be hard to leave the security of the MTC. I mean, I hear gunshots on a regular basis. Bienvenidos a Mexico. Bu honestly I cannot wait to get out there! I´ve heard from my MTC president, President Pratt, that he has lived in Ecuador himself for years and absolutly loved it. It´s a beautiful country and city. Plus I know I will have life-long friendships with the missionaries and other people I meet in Ecuador. This tuesday it was raining hard so we didn´t have any TRC voulenteers. I was kinda sad, that´s like my favorite part of the MTC. Other than eating; That´ll always be my favorite part. I bought this awesome tie at la tienda a couple of days ago. I reminds me of like, a Mexican neon dance party or something. As of Monday I am the solo representative of the Cedar City missionaries at the Mexico MTC. But I will represent with power! This is the last 100% free MTC P-day for me(Not going to the temple today) So I´ll probably workout and play volleyball, basketball, and ultimate frisbee with the Zone today after I write Emails and do laundry.
My branch presidnet is awesome! He is short but big at the same time. Like strong big! He has the best smile ever. Gym time i typically either workout with my companion either on the track or weightroom, or I play basketball or volleyball with the district. I love Gym time. I used my card once at the ATM just so I can get some pesos. They give us another card that I usually use to buy cheap stuff at the store like chips, candy, a hymno libro, and my new favorite drink COCO-PINA! I´ll send a picture of it. The stuff there is really cheap. They just have American money in Ecuador so I needed a souvenir from Mexico. I have $100, $50, and $20 dollar bills, and then a $10 and two $1 coin pesos. The guy on the $50 dollar bill has an intimidating face with like a beard and an evil smirk. It´s kinda cool. We celebrated Mexico´s independance almost 2 weeks ago and I was crazy. The locals would shout ¡VIVA MEXICO! (Which means "Long Live Mexico!") throughout most of the night. They also had a small slideshow at the beginning showing important people, that I don´t know, that helped Mexico gain their independance from Spain. Everytime a different name was mentioned, they´d shout, "¡VIVA!" We held it in the gym and we had a lot of dancers and singers. I noticed that all of the guy dancers, dance with their hands behind their backs. I guess that´s just the culture. It was a really fun night though.
I´m really used to my routine now. The first 2 weeks I always had to look at the daily schedule but now it´s just natural to me. A typical day: I wake up at 6:30, then I have personal estudio tiempo at 7:00, Desayuno at 8:00. Then I have my morning teacher, Hermano Wolfe from 8:30 to 11:30. Then I have gymnasio tiempo from 11:30 to 1:00. Then almuerzo. Next I have TALL time from 1:45 to 2:45, TALL is a language learning program on the computer. Next I have Companion study from 2:45 to 3:30. Then I have my afternoon teacher, Hermana Williams from 3:30 to 6:30. Then Cena, Then from 7:15 to 8:15 I have more Idioma estudio tiempo, Then I have extra study time and plan for the next day with my companion from 8:15 to 9:30. Finally I prepare for bed and have casa oracion until lights out at 10:30. Other events are Tuesday Devotionals after dinner, TRC lessons at 5:00 on Tuesdays, My P-day throughout all of Thursday, and a service project on Saturdays. Sundays are just completley different from other days.
I did get my package from you guys. I love beef jerky, clothes, pictures, and letters. So you guys know me too well. I think it´s hilarious that Kassidy has contacts now. Not only is dad and Kass left-handed, but they´re blind too! Haha. And that´s really awesome that Mitch and Kolten are working on their papers. Let me know where they go! And Makayla going to the Philipines! That´s crazy. Tell her to get advice from D-Money. And to practice eating raw eggs before she leaves (Because their eggs are MUCH worse than raw). But I am really happy for them! I hope Ryan is doing well in Argentina too! That´s gotta be the coolest place. And speaking of other missionaries, what is Mike´s missionary Email? I want to see what´s up with him. And with other missionaries from my ward too. By the way, nice pictures you sent me! I always love pooch pictures! I actully just made that picture of pooch and me the desktop background on this computer. Dirty looks as happy as ever in that picture! Tell him he´s dirty for me if you see him. And that´s really cool that Jessica wore Kaylor´s number. I dig the other homecoming pictures as well. I just remember I helped decorate the halls one time and it took forever so I never helped again. Haha I really enjoy sleep more. I sucks that BYU lost though. I knew if they did, your desk would start to bleed, mamas. But it´s alright, I mean, they beat Texas! And nice TV snag! Why couldn´t that have happened like a year ago so I could appreciate it!
Love you guys a lot! Keep updating me about stuff from home! ¡PAZ AFUELA!

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