Tuesday, August 27, 2013

MTC Baby!

Hey I´ve arrived here in the Mexico MTC. It´s a totally different world out there. The Spanish here just sounds like fast mumbling. I don´t how I´m going to learn that crap yet. The MTC is much nicer than just about all of Mexico City so I´m grateful I´m here. There´s so many missionaries here. I´ve already met a couple elders and sisters in my mission. For tonight they are just letting us e-mail our families and then we pass the immunizations and then finally go to sleep. Even the airport is way different in Mexico. English is definatly the dominant language in the world though because I still see it on the streets. I can´t wait to get Spanish down soon cause Jershy Poo knows absolutly nothing. It´s really hard to type on this spanish keyboard (ñ¿~) ... It´s a good thing like five of the thrity elders and sisters can speak spanish because without them going through airport security would have been terrible. I think I´m going to love it here though. Everyone is so nice and friendly. I´ll write you when I can but I´ll probably have a busy schedule. I love you guys! Peace out!

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