Thursday, September 19, 2013

¿¡Como le va!?

Hola mi amoroso familia! Que pasa!?
Today, I went to del casa de señor for the second time. I understood much more spanish this time. I´m okay at understanding spanish, but for some reason speaking it is the bigger obsticle. But it´s still muy deficil. Paro, Espiritu was still there. I´ve now passed the halfway point as far as my time in the CCM. The whole experience has really gone by fast! The progressing investigator lessons are going by a lot more smoothly now. The first lesson I knew like maybe 30 spanish words at most. Now I can carry on a pretty decent lesson with my companion. There´s this Elder in my district that recieved a fruit basket in the mail. Except here, fruit is by far the last thing you need. The fruit they serve you for desayuno, almuerso, y cena is amazingly bueno! I haven´t got the care package yet but I´ve met sister Allese Meanea who has all of the stuff you sent from Cedar. I met her on the first day and she actully found me first. But I didn´t want to bother her on her first day. I´ll get it today though. It was her birthday yesterday so our district sang happy birthday to her in Spanish. But I was a pest and sang it in German. For Deutchland! I´m sure I´ll pick up the Español spirit soon. ¡Viva Mexico!
The whole MTC experience has been awesome. For some reason my afternoon teacher, hermana Williams, felt inspired that my companion and I, and us only, should give her a lesson in English on whatever we want for an hour. It was just us three in a small room. We decided to give it on the Atonement because you can expound on that para siempre. We got in really deep conversation and shared our testimonies. I really felt like a missionary then because i could express la parablas de mi corazon. I cannot wait to be able to do that in Spanish soon. I love this place but I just wanna get out there! I have a long term goal: To be able to speak fluent(Or at least fluent enough to get by) Spanish before 2014. Pray for me haha. I´ve heard once you get into the field it sounds like a totally different language. By the way, I´ve been called to be the Zone Executive Secratary by the branch president. And the zone leader is leaving today so there´s a chance I´ll be the new zone leader. Wow, right? I´m glad he´s confident in my Spanglish.
I wish I could have seen Mike and Jason´s farewells! How mant times did Mike squeek? That´s one thing that stinks about leaving earlier than some of your friends. Also, tell Jacob his football tackles and catches are sick! I just saw them barely watched them. Tell Kaylie I´m writing a hand-written letter today. But it will take about 2 & 1/2 weeks to get there. I just got hers today. And I dig the way she was asked to homecoming. I have a soft spot for puns. Tell Grandpa Bolton to get rid of his red hat, and tell Gary I´m sure his barbie is pretty.
I love you guys! Keep sending the E-mails I love reading them. ¡Paz affuela! (I´m guessing that how you say "peace out")

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