Tuesday, May 5, 2015

remaining days: 98 May the 4th(Spirit) be with you

Hi everyone! Sorry for the cheesy title. I'll start with investigators this time. Patricia Guajan has a date for the 23th of May and already has like 5 atendances. We just need to wait for her to get married on the 22nd and she'll be good. She already has a strong testimony. We found a new family on Sunday (Familia Troya-Saavedra). It's a wierd last name but they're humble people and they preparing for the 30th of May. Other than that, we have a couple of new investigators that we are just starting with. A challenge here is finding new investigators because it's not that big of an area and the church has quite a bit of time here. In fact, it's celebrating 50 years here. Which is awesome except for the fact that it'll be at the end of the year and I won't be there. The zone has had success though, we went to a baptism in Agato (Indigenous ward) this week and it was great. They gave us a ton of beans as a desert after the baptism...

This week we had a great zone council! Seriously I've never felt so good about a training that I've given with my companion. We got the zone really excited and encouraged, then we dropped the spirit like a bomb, it was great. We did another service project as well. We moved like 100 30lbs bags of sand up the 2nd floor for the Hidrobo family. It was tough after a while but I've learned to love to serve. Right now we are preparing again for the mission council and we're going to go to Quito in about 2 hours. I love the mission councils, and it could be my last one.

There's this Mexican restaurant that we found called Taco Bello (It looks like "bell" but there's a "O" smilie face after). And it's amazing. We're probably going to go there every time that the momita falls (Which isn't often)... I'll update you on my reading goals now (That probably doesn't sound like me haha). Right now I'm reading el Libro de Mormón and I'm in Alma 56. I should finish in about a month with that. Plus I'm finishng True to the Faith. It got about 30 pages left to read. Which will complete my mission goal of reading basically every book we are allowed to read (The Bible(Old and new testaments), The Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Convedents, The Pearl of Great Price, Jesus the Christ, Our Heritage, Our Search for Happiness, True to the Faith, Preach My Gospel, and the Missionary Handbook). Oh yeah!!

Creo que personalidad es casi igual que la que tenía cuando estaba en la casa. Pero mi espiritualidad ha cambiado muchísimo. La misión me está bendiciendo y la amo... Les quiero mucho y espero que estén bien... Voy a hacerle a mi mamá trunky: See you in 6 days hahaha!

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