Thursday, May 21, 2015

(remaining days: 82) The winds of change

I'm going to have a son! Yeah! President Richardson usually lets the zone leaders that are ending their missions train a new missionary. And after being a zone leader for 11 months, now it's my turn! So I'm more that excited for that! Right now I'm actully with the zone leaders of Otavalo South (the other Otavalo zone that I'm now in) because I have to go pick him up on Thursday. So I'll be with them for just a couple of days. It should be fun having a training responsibility rather than leadership responsibilites. I feel like I just took off a backpack filled with rocks haha. Other than that, I'm going to be opening a sector in the Rumiñahui ward that was closed for like 6 months I think. I'm going to be attending the same chappel but I'll just be starting sacrament meeting at 8:00am. So I'll still be able to see members and missionaries for my old ward (Latino). Rumiñahui is the other ward in the stake that teaches Latinos, so Quichua won't be needed again haha oh well... My sector also is the city part of Otavalo rather than just corn fields like most of the wards in the 2 stakes. So It'll be nice to be close to things in the city. My sector might also have the Plaza de Ponchos, but I still don't know yet.
Talking about the last week though, on Tuesday President Richardson did interviews with the whole zone and with some other zones around here. While he was doing the interviews the asistants trained us on an effective way to use the scriptures, which I enjoyed a lot and learned a lot of things from. In the interview president basically just told me that it's fourth quarter now. For my last training as a ZL we trained on the baptismal invitation. But we mostly just tryed to rip the fear out of the missionaries and shared some good scriptures like Romans 1:16 and 2 Timothy 1:7-8 to do it. And for the leadership meeting with the zone and district leaders on Friday we trained on the qualities of a leader and used the example of Ammon (Alma 17). I think they went well.
On Sunday night right before we got the changes we had a giant Family Home Evening with 3 families that are all cousins (familias: Chuquillangui, Tabango, & Gonzales). We taught the Plan of Salvation but made them act it out. I was interesting. We also did a lot of little service this week. For example, my companion saw an indigenous lady (she was like 75 years old) carrying a giant bag. So he offered to help her. And even though my companion is strong, he was struggling. He said that I weighed like over 100 lbs. Old women here are buff just because they carry heavy things up hills for their whole lives.
The asistants also stayed with us one night when they came down to train the zones around here while president was doing the interviews. In the morning we played 2 on 2 basketball and destoyed them haha! It felt so good to play 2 on 2 basketball again after a ton of time not doing it.
Espero que todos ustedes tengan una buena semana. Si yo no fuere misionero ahora en este tiempo, yo nunca hubiera obtenido un testimonio como la que tengo ahora. Ni el conocimiento que tengo. Entonces gracias a todos que me han apoyado. ¡Cuídense!

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