Thursday, May 28, 2015

(remaining days: 75) Matthew 3:17

I'll tell ya a little bit about my son first. His name is Elder Arrieta. He's from Lima, Peru. He's 18 years old and has 4 years as a member. Everyone in his family is a member and his older brother served in Arequipa, Peru. He's the youngest of 3 siblings. He talks really fast and sometimes I have to ask him to slow down. Not even the members understand him sometimes haha. He likes to cook a lot. He's really humble and does everything that I do hahaha I feel like papa goose. He seriously copies me with everything I love it. I picked him up on Thursday and then we traveled 2 hours to Otavalo. We started working right away even though we're opening a sector that's has been closed for a couple months. So we basically had to start doing street contacts and knocking on doors right away and he was a little nervous haha but everything went well.

My new ward is called RumiƱahui (Roo-mean-ya-we) and it's a sweet ward. I'm seriously blessed. The bishop and 1st counselor are brothers and the 2nd counselor is this cool guy from Chile that cook amazingly. The ward counsels are really efficient and the members already love us. We needed "momitas" from everyday and as soon as they figured out that we needed someone to feed us, all 6 days instantly filled up. The ward is just really excited to have 4 missionarys rather than just 2. My sector is giant however. I have like 1/4th of the city of Otavalo plus a decent amount of rural area.

Before I got my son, I was with the ZL´s of Otavalo South for 3 days. It was fun working in Punyaro even though every road in the sector is a dusty dirt road. We walked a ton for those 3 days haha. But right now it's been great learning a new area with a companion that is learning about the mission. In Peru they use Soles, not dolars, like hin the States and in Ecuador. I've even had to help him quite a few times when he buys things haha. He thinks it's funny that the smallest coin (a dime) is worth more than a nickel which is bigger. The bishop took us around in his car yesterday to show us the houses of most of the members in the sector so this week we wont be as lost.

Saturday was one of the funnier days of my mission. Crazy things happened. First of all, while I was contacting this old lady sitting in her car, a city bus drove by and the busses' back tire poped right next to us! It was louder than a gunshot! Something else happened too I think because a giant cloud of black smoke came out too. I'm not even 100% sure what happened. My ears were ringing for like 5 minutes after that haha. I felt even worse for the poor old lady in the car. After that we finally find this active members' house that we were looking for for like 20 minutes. We have a good lesson and then he asked me if I could bless his new car... Hahahaha I didn't know what to say. Can you do that?? I've never done that before. Nevertheless, we hoped in his brand new Nissan and I blessed it hahaha. I didn't even know what to say... "I ask thee to bless the tires that they may never go blad nor explode..."

After that we do to our next planned appointment and 8:00pm with a new investigator. We planned the appointment around5:00pm when we contacted them. Then we see the sister missionaries arrive and they said that they scheduled an appointment with the same family at the same time. They also contated them around 5:00pm. The only difference was that we talked with the daughter and they talked with the mom. The appointment fell though anyway hahaha dang it!

Creo que eso fue todo... ¡Gracias por todo! ¡Que tengan un buen verano!

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