Thursday, May 14, 2015

(Remaining days: 89) Skype

The last Skype call was awesome! It was also the first time that mom didn't cry at the end hahaha. Good work, mom! It was great It was great skyping from Otavalo too. The weather is almost always nice so it wasn't like the first Skype call in the jungle where I was sweating like crazy haha.
During the week we had the mission council. We have changes in a week from now and I've been a ZL for was too long so it might have been my last one. But it was a really good one. President Richardson trained on what he learned from the meeting he had with all of the mission presidents of Venesuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia. Plus he talked about the Work of Salvation. I always love spending the night in Quito with the ZL`s there too. I've been out of Quito for months now and they changed the metrobus system but other than that I still know it like the back of my hand. We're allowed to watch cartoon (Like Disney) movies on the way there so we watched Space Jam and Dispicable Me 2. So I love the 2 hours bus rides becuase of that haha.
This week we were really working with the missionaries, or at least verifying everything during the nightly verifications. We did divisions with Centenario, which aren't much of divisions because we share almost the same sector. The main difference is that we teach the Latinos, they teach the Lamanites. We also tryed to get to know the sector better. Since there are only 2 wards out of all the wards in these 2 stakes, out sector is huge. So we went out far into Quiroga. And we found some new investigators and a less-active member so that was nice!
Today we went to the famous Cuicocha lake which is a volcanic crater with a huge lake in it. The huge lake has 2 islands in it too. It was kind of rainy and cold but really worth it. Plus a fellow gringo from Texas (Stan Marlo, who's a member but doesn't speak much Spanish but his wife does perfectly) took us up there for free. Then he and his wife took us out to eat at this place where gringos go to and I ate a BLT. So I'm more than happy right now.
Bueno, como dije, fue cheverísimo hablar con ustedes ayer. Quiero que sepan (Aun que estoy escribiendo en Español jaja) que les quiero mucho y espero que tengan un buen verano dondequiera que se encuentran. Y a los "Bros", ¡que tengan éxito en los otros continientes del mundo!

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