Friday, April 17, 2015

(remaining days as of August 13th: 120)

So since I'm with my first American companion since I had 11 months in the mission, I'm speaking more English and I realized that I'm going to struggle at times with the language when I get back haha. I'll never forget English, but I'll studder at times haha. In fact, from Monday to Wednesday, I was in a trio with a missionary from California that was going to train and had to stay with us and wait until Thursday morning to get his companion. So we've also beeen working in 2 sectors. But I'm adjusting now.

Right now we are working super hard, I love it. On Thursday we had like a million contacts and walked around all the sector. I got really sunburnt haha but after harder days I feel really satisfyed when I arrive at home each night. And even when we work hard and we don't instantly see many things out of it, I know that the Lord is always there. In fact, I was just reading Mosiah 24 this morning, which is one of my favorite chapters, and I know with certanty that we're being heard and guided. I love the mission.

The members are waking up more and giving us a lot of referals. Even though most of them are for othert wards like Rumiñahui, It's great to see them more active. We're still trying really hard to work with the home teachers since that's basically a problem in the whole stake, and hopefully we'll get success out of that. On Tuesday we were contacting up on a giant hill where you can see like half on the providence Imbabura in a place called Yambiru and we founf some new less-actice members that live up there (Renato Días y Meida Sepeda). They have desires to come back and we just started working with them.

Today we went to a place called El Lechero where we tooka ton of pictures, kind of fun. Next week we will be able to do more activities so we're going to Lago Cuicocha, which is like a volcanic crater lake with an island in the middle of it, should be cool. Tomorrow President and the assistants will be coming here to Otavalo to be training us about teaching skills. The first meeting is from 10:00am to 1:00pm, and the second from 2:00pm to 8:00pm. So we'll be in the chappel all day long, but I'm still excited.

Mi compañero compró una pintura grade de Quito por $20. Es chevere porque tiene Panecillo y el volcán Cotapaxi. Realmente costaba $35 pero el preciso se bajó porque él solo tenía un billete de $20. Creo que voy a hacer lo mismo jaja. Ya tengo planes para comprar recuerdos en Mayo cuando yo termine el cambio. Y sí, mamá, recibí el paquete y las cosas de Pascua. ¡Gracias! ¡Les quiero muchísimo y deseo que tengan una buena semana!

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