Monday, April 27, 2015

(remaining days: 106)

Stake conference this weekend was no disappointment. First of all, another black dog got in again. One of the high priests tryed to get it out for like 10 minutes but couldn't. Finally Elder Hagemeyer took out bread from his bag and lured it out with everyone watching, then I closed the door. Teamwork. By the way, there were more than 1500 members in a medium sized chappel. They had to add chairs in hte isles just so everyone could get in. So once you got in, you couldn't get out. President and Sister Richardson were there and also gave talks. President used the same scripture that I used just before conference (Alma 23:3) to explain the faithfulness of the Lamanites, which they were. Revelation!

We did a service on Wednesday for a recent convert family. we had to move like 5,000 cement bricks and like 1000 pounds of sand up to the next story. We had a line going but them Elder Smith just decided to throw the bricks up to me from the ground floor haha. Then we had to fill bag of sand and carry them up one by one. It was hard but fun. Right before that we ate at a western-american themed grill called Tío Jesse. It's super expensive but it was worth it. I got this huge bacon burger and almost cryed. 

The missionaries in our zone are awesome but we still have the same problems. So on Thursday we had a training about finding solutions and it turned out pretty sweet. We played games about finding solutions and workind as a team and then we had like a zone counsil and found solutions as a zone. And this week we did a ton better so I'm happy! We also had divisions with Companía (Elder Leal and Elder Castro). During those divisions my companion got bit by a dog that just gave birth haha. They are devils. I've learned to hate dogs from South America. I haven't been bitten yet but there's been like hundreds of close calls. Plus on that day Elder Smith missed out on shrimp. So I rubbed it in his face haha.

The bishop took us out again on Sunday and now we have a ton of less-active members to work with. The husband of one of them has a baptismal date for the 16th of May! He's a drinker but we'll keep trying to help them out. His name is Segundo Iza. Other than that this week has been really interesting with investigators. We're teaching a guy that killed someone like 10 years ago. He's awesome though. I know he'll progress. I've learned to become more firm and brave under difficult situations because I know that the Lord is protecting me.

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