Monday, April 6, 2015

(127 Days Left!!) It has already been said, but, general conference is literally like the super bowl for missionaries.

It has already been said, but, general conference is literally like the super bowl for missionaries. Especially when all the gringos from 2 zones set up a separate room with the conference in English and everyone brought food haha. We know how to party. The sad part is that it's my last conference in the mission. (I doubt you agree mom, right? haha) My favorite 2 talks were right in a row. Elder Holland's and then Elder Uctdorf's talks. I actually missed like 80% of the last Sunday session because I had to send some missionaries to the terminal because they were ending their missions. So I didn't see Elder Uctdorf switch languages. But I'm going to go watch that right now haha. But overall, I was really inspired by conference. Plus, more temples are coming!
Today I got my 3rd American companion haha. His name is Elder Smith and he's from Austin, Texas. He has 18 months in the mission (Finally I have more time that one of my companions haha). He's awesome though. He literally looks like Superman. I'm going to start calling him Elder Kent. This change should be awesome, even though my Spanish is going to be terrible again haha. Elder Mazzarelli went like 30 minutes north to Cotacachi, so I might see him every now and then. In Ecuador for Easter weekend the eat a plate that's called fanesca. I can't discribe it well here so you're just going to have to look it up. If it's made well, it's amazing! If not, it's torture. And since everyone wants to make it for you for la semana santa, everything is just a gamble haha. I think we tried like 4 giant bowls of it daily.

This week 2 missionaries left from the zone (Elder Estrada/Mexico and Sister Deveraux/USA). We had a party for them. We even bought piñatas haha, we're awesome, right? We did it after the zone conference on Thursday. Actually, this week was filled with a ton of conferences and meetings. First, on Tuesday we went to Quito for the monthly mission council; which is an all-day-long thing. So we had to travel home on Wednesday morning. Then on Thursday we had the zone conference, Fridaythe leadership meeting, Saturday general conference, and Sunday as well. Even though it sometimes kills me to not have a ton of time to work in the sector, I learned a lot form the meeting and am really grateful for them.

On Thursday we took a solid member around with us all day long. I love it when members are converted and dedicated enough to work with the missionaries. We ended up teaching a ton of lessons that night, to less-active members and investigators. The blessing was that we left the last appointment at 9:24pm (We have to be home latest at 9:30pm) and taxi, while we were in the middle of no where, pulled up and got us home right on time. The Lord provides a way to fulfill all his commandments (Or mission rules)!

Oh, y también, el paquete ya llegó hace 2 o 3 semanas. Siempre olvido de avisarles jaja lo siento. ¡Estoy bien animado para poder trabajar con un nuevo compañero y "dejar un buen legado" en Otavalo, barrio Latino! Sepan que les quiero mucho y espero que la conferencia les hayan inspirado a ustedes tal como lo hizo a mí. Si yo estuviera en cualquier otro lugar aparte de la misión, yo nunca hubiera podido obtener un testimonio como el testimonio que tengo ahora. ¡Amo la misión!

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