Monday, March 9, 2015

(WEEK 78) Imbaburapak

Now I know what the area is like so I can update you better. So, sometimes at night when we are ending the day, an insane amount of fog drops down and you can't see a dang thing. It's even worse when you are out of the city and there's almost no street lights haha. It's only happened a couple times and only after it's rained but dang, it's sweet but I'm going to get lost haha. We are actully planning on doing divisions with the Elders in Agato soon. I've only heard stories about that place. Like it's so out there that the missionaries basically have to constantly cross through corn fields. I'm sure that'd be an adventure with the think fog. We'll see!

I love the house too. The only bad thing is that we've been taking cold showers all week long haha. Normally the showers here are electric showers where the water is only warm when it comes out slowly. Luckly, this shower, like my old sector in San Carlos, has a gas shower, which is like 10 times better. The only problem is, we don't have gas hahaha. We'll figure that one of soon. We also have a washing machine on the roof of the building haha! The owners of the house are members so we just share it with them. They live on the 2nd floor, we live on the 3rd, and no one else lives with us. So it's pretty great. Plus we have a guitar in the house haha! So after we plan at night I'm always playing on that. I figured out that I've basically forgotten how to play the guitar haha. But I'll try to improve again. There's weights in the house too so I've been doing better exercises. I gotta get buff again before I go home (I love how I'm a liar and said that I was buff).

Other things: The power went out last week so I didn't have time to send all the pictures of my last week in Quito. But I'll send them now... 2 weeks ago Elder Wright gave me Mountain Dew. I almost kissed him hahahaha. He got it from a package sent through another missionary. So that was a taste from heaven that my tounge hasn't felt for about 18 months... This week we had the sone council when we talk about the goals for the following month. This month we're hoping to have a "Miracle in March". Today I have to travel to Quito for the mission council. It's always the first Tuesday of each month. But this time I'm not in Quito, so that means I can party with the other zone leaders from Otavalo, Imbabura, and Ibarra in La Luz! (Which is a missionary hotel in Quito).

Tenemos algunos investigadores que no tienen fecha bautismal, pero que pueden progresar de pronto. Entonces, les informo cuando estén bien y cuando yo les conozca más a los investigadores y miembros. ¡Pero el barrio is bien bacán! Como ya dije es un de los pocos barrios por acá que no habla quichua. ¡Que rico es poder entender la reunión sacramental todavía! Amo al campo de Imbabura y amo la misión. ¡Les quiero mucho!

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