Wednesday, March 25, 2015

(REMAINING DAYS: 144) Short People

While I was walking along between appointments with my companion this week. I noticed how short the indigenous people are here. The Latinos aren't even that short, but the native Otavaleños are tini. It's awesome, I feel like a giant. All of a sudden the song "Short People" by Randy Newman. If you don't know what I'm talking about, look it up and imagine yourself in my shoes then laugh out loud.

On Tuesday we had a 6 hour zone conference from Presidnet and sister Richardson and the assistants. They taught us about leaving an example of dilignece, an awesome way how to teach the Sabbath Day, and a good tactic to use to help people keep commitments. Sister Richardson used a ton of doctrine when she taught about the Sabbath Day and used a scripture that said something like sending fire from heaven down at your doors that would never end if we don't keep the Sabbath Day holy. Maybe I'll start edifying with that one haha. After that we had the meeting with the stake presidnet of Otavalo an President Richardson to talk about how we can improve the state of the stake. So Tuesday we only had time to do one contact, and it was the tazi triver that took us to the church for the meeting haha.

We had divisions this week and I finally got to go deep in the country where all the Lamanites are that mainly just speak Quichua. (Most speak Spanish, but only to us. When we're not around, everyone and their dog speaks Quichua). I was doing divisions in Agato, but I also got to go around 2 other wards, Imbabura, and Compañía. It was only an 8 hour divisions but we found people that now are progressing and have a baptismal date for the 11th of April, so that's awesome. This week the assisants and presidnet also did divisions with us. Elder Linderman went with my companion, Elder Mazzarelli, and Presidnet Richardson and Elder Santana (My old companion) went with me for just an hour. We visited one of our families that has potentail. We taught lesson 1: The Restauration and it was powerful with us three. I felt a super strong spirit.

This week we had an activity "Theater Night" where we watched the 1 hour movie of Joseph Smith. It was good for the investigators we have, along with some members that haven't seen it yet. In church I was the 2nd speaker and I talked about fasting and how it applyes to the atonement. It was like a 12 minute talk. I've given a lot more talks in Spanish that English now... This week we found another potential family called la famili Valensuela-Lita. We rang their doorbell on Tuesday and set an appointment for Friday night. In Friday we taught them lesson 1: The Restauration and they were very open and accepted the message. They didn't come to church this week but I feel really good about the family. I know they can progress soon.

Other than that, Friday morning I finished Jesus the Christ. So that was a milestone for me. I think it has like 793 pages. Recently I started reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish again (This time I'll read it from cover to cover) and I'm trying to read all of True to the Faith too. I calculated it and I should finish all of that by mid-June at the pace I'm reading. Then I'll accomplish my goal: Read the Bible (New and Old testaments), Book of Mormon (English and Spanish), Doctrine and Covenants, Pearl of Great Price, Preach My Gospel, The Missionary Handbook, Jesus the Christ, Our Search for Happiness, Our Heritage, and True to the Faith in the mission. BOOM.

Disculpen, esta carta fue demasiado grande jaja. Pero ¡estoy bien feliz aquí en Otavalo, Ecuador en las misión! Estoy viviendo milagros y el Señor me está convirtiendo a un mensajero de la verdad. Tengo un conocimiento más fuerte de este evangelio y estoy ganando experiencia que yo nunca hubiera podido lograr si yo no estuviera a la misión. ¡Muchas gracias a todos que que me hayan apoyado! ¡Les quiero mucho!

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