Friday, March 13, 2015

(REMAINING DAYS: 151) Who let the dogs in?

So weird things happen on a regular basis here in Otavalo. On Sunday we always sit in the back with our investigators. This Sunday I randomly heard barking and then saw 2 dogs run into chapel right before they passed the sacrament. So as reverently as possible, my companion and I chased the dogs out. But one stayed and hid under the back bench. We had to patiently wait for the sacrament to end and then we got in out haha. I love dogs in the States but I hate dogs in South America, there not the same...

This week we had to clear out a lot of people from our investigators pool because most of them are not doing the commitments we give them and/or can't go to church because of work or school. So we dedicated to contacting in the street a lot and asking everyone and their dog for referals. I always feel really good after weeks like this even though we didn't have a lot of people in church. We'l get some soon though. The good news is as a zone we are actually doing pretty good right now. Nearly all of the sister missionaies and some elders in the zone got sick earlier this week, but then we gave a ton of preesthood blessings and they got better and teared in up for the last couple of days. So I'm not worried at all about the zone. Everyone is working hard.

Monday we went to the misson council in Quito and we arrved at La Luz, which is a famous missino hotel even though I haven't slept there since I was in my first sector in Coca. We had probably one of the best mission councils I've ever seen (It was my 9th). President Richardson talked about mostly diligence but he broke it down so well. He kind of edified us as leaders of the mission but I left the meeting happy and wanting to work harder than ever. Kind of like a Elder Holland talk haha. We left that same night and got back to our sector around 10:00 pm. On the way back, we travelled with the zone leaders from Ibarra and we tag-teamed the taxi driver. I was one of the more powerful single contacts I've ever had. The best part is... He's a referal for Condado!! So Elder Gallego and Elder Wrigt will get right on that... To prevent us from seeing bad movies that the bus drivers put on against our will, president lets us but Disney movies to watch on the way to Quito and back when we trave. So we watched Big hero 6. I was basically the first movie I've seen since I left the States that came out after I left. I liked it too! Thanks Kaylie!

Mamá, quizás se está preguntando si compré una cámara. La respuesta es sí jaja. Pero costó mucho menos que la cámara que compré en la jungla. La cámara que compré en Coca me costó $210. Éste Sony que me compré aquí solo me costó $165 después de buscar por el centro de Otavalo por 1 hora. Entonces voy a enviar más fotos ya. Whooo!!! Hoy fuimos a la cascada de Peguche fue cheverazo... Se me esté pegando full jergas Ecuatorianas, es como si yo naciera aquí. Más con las jergas que mis compañeros Chilenos, Colombianos, Mexicanos, y Peruanos me enseñan. Mejoraré jajaja.

¡Los quiero a ustedes muchísimo! Quizá no puedo expresar como me siento mucho por palabras en esta carta no mas. Pero quiero que todos ustedes que me apoyan mucho sepan que los quiero mucho y espero que todo vaya bien con su semana. ¡Cuídense!

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