Wednesday, March 25, 2015

(REMAINING DAYS: 139) "Then I turn, and see the dog peeing on his backpack he left on the ground! "

It`s only been raining all week long! Especially on Tuesday and Wednesday. On those days it literally did not stop raining from6:30am to 10:30pm. The bad news is that my indistructible shoes have a little hole in the bottom now so for those 2 days I got home with one foot dry and the other soaking wet. But the shoes are fixed and all good now. This week we were outside of our sector a ton because we had to inspect the houses of all the missionaries in the zone and take pictures of the hosues to send to the mission office. Plus we sacrificed our sector on Friday to help the sister find new investigators, but even with all that, it wasn't that bad of a week as far as proselyting goes. 

My companions birthday was this last Tuesday. Ending the day, we went to a part of our sector that's kind of far away called Quichinche. There we have a family of investigators that we are teaching. As we are finishing the lesson, (which was a doorstep lesson because for the moment the husband wasn't there and we can't enter a house without him) a dog walks up to my companion, my companion (who speaks little English even though I teach him slang) says, "What's up, dog?" Then he starts teaching again and the investigator starts laughing. Then I turn, and see the dog peeing on his backpack he left on the ground! Hahaha! I was almost rolling on the dusty road laughing. Then I told him happy birthday haha. But it was a good day though. We found a new family, I bought my companion lunch, and the mission president's wife called him at niht to say happy birthday. He's been walking around with a small hand bag now haha.

Last week the challenges of the zone were 1. Total lesson to investigators, 2. contacting referals, and 3. baptismal invitations. So this week we trained on all of that and it turn out pretty sweet! Usually trainings are expected to be just kind of normal but I think everyone, including us, benefited a lot from it. Plus this week we did really good as a zone, so I'm proud. We got over 600 contacts as a small zone, so that was a plus as well. This next week we have some sweet plans. First off, there's a guitar in our house. So on Friday we¡re going to bring it to the zone council and my companion is going to strum while I play on the neck of the guitar (My companion plays better than I do) for a training on "Companionship unity" hahaha. We'll see how that goes, we've already practiced a little at night.

Today the bishop took us to play mini golf in a place called "Cabañas del Lago"; which is this awesome hotel/waterpark on the east side of San Pablo lake. I got 2nd place! The bishop got stuck on hole 8 for like 10 minutes haha, pictures to come... Oh! funny thing (At least for me), in the district there's an Elder named Elder Estrada, he's mexican and today we found him and his companion in the bus. He's going home in 2 week and he's really trunky. So we sat by them and all of a sudden, they start to contact 3 teenagers. I thought, "Hmm... maybe he's not missing the house that much... Maybe he still has strong desired to share the gospel" One happened to be a member. But he started the contact with by taking out playing cards and doing a magic trick, the trick worked and then he said after, "¡Ahora tienen que aceptar fecha bautismal!" My companion and I just bust up laughing in the bus. Then he said that we have something called the priesthood, which means we can see into the future. He writes a number on the rist of one of them and makes me select a random card, it just happened to be the same number as the number written on this kids hand. Then he starts flipping cards around the bus and I can't stop anything because I'm laughing too hard... I'll only have to be in charge of him for 13 more days anyways haha.

Los quiero muchísimo y deseo que tengan una semana buenaza. ¡Saludos a todos!

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