Tuesday, January 27, 2015

(WEEK 74) "To me, reactivating someone in the church is just as satisfying as a baptism..."

This week was tucaso... We "rescued" the mom from the Barrientos family so now the whole family is active and attending all 3 church hours! I love changing lives! Right now we don't have many people progressing but we are working on finding nwe investigators and we've had better luck with a couple of the families that we have been working with for a while. For example, the Zambrano-Saldariaga family is now planning a marrage date for the end of Feburary. The next changes are the 22nd of Feburary so I hope I can been there, They don't have a specific date yet. And we were able to visit a lot more less-active members this week. To me, reactivating someone in the church is just as satisfying as a baptism. That's why we were super happy for the Barrientos family.

On Tuesday we had divisions with Cangahua. I went up to their sector again. It's a sector on the mountain called Roldos/Pisulí and it's always freezing cold up there haha. There's never any snow but the wind chills are insane sometimes. Plus we did divisions again on Friday with the Elders in Pusuquí (Mitad del Mundo) where it's a dry desert. This time I stayed in Condado but I got soaked because of the rain haha. We were leaving the leadership meeting without enough money to take a taxi so we just walked home in the rain like men for our cozy rain coats hahaha. It was fun though. I did the divisions with a pretty new missionary named Elder Jeffery. On both divisions we had a ton of lessons and street contacts.

We had a ton of meetings and activities too. On Friday we had a leadership meeting with all tbhe distict and zone leaders from the 6 zones in Quito and the jungle zone. It was about 4 hours long and we learned a ton. The mission president is great and the assistants right now too. On Saturday we had a "Family Home Evening night" as a ward in the chappel. We led the activity with the lesson, games and food. We played games though for like an hour or more haha. It was good though because about 45 people showed up. And 8 of them were investigators. Today we had a zone activity where we played soccer, basketball, and had kind of a waterballon fight haha. It was actully more of a surprize bombing for 2 Elder's birthdays in the zone. One was my companion. Plus we ordered $45 of pizza. We are party ZLs hahaha.

Other than that, all is well in Zion. I finished "Our Search for Happiness" and "True to the Faith" recently and now I'm continuing on "Jesus the Christ." I think I'm in chapter 22 but I can't remember. I'm reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish again too. This time I'll actually finish it haha.

Me siento tan aburrido aveces porque ya tengo 8 meses en la misma capilla jajaja. Lo bueno es que es una de las mejores en la misión según lo que he escuchado. ¡Y es mas! Ya tengo 12 semanas con Élder Gallego (por esta misión, demasiado tiempo) pero igual, me alegro mucho porque es Colombiano y bacán jaja. Aprendo mucha jergas Colombianas... Bueno no sé que más hay que decir. Así pasó la semana. ¡Espero que su semana sea buena! ¡Gracias por las cartas que me envían también! Para mí es como una navidad cada Lunes. ¡Los quiero mucho a todos!

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