Monday, January 19, 2015

(WEEK 73) Angels Around Us

So on Saturday we went to the Pusuquí ward (Mitad del Mundo) to do a baptismal interview for the district leader over there. We arrived there early and waited for the investigator to show up at the chappel from work. All of a sudden, this member family drives by us and starts talking to us. They were members from a ward in Northern Quito called El Eden. They interduce us to their son who was going to go to Santiago, Chile in a month and told us that they have another son serving the Salt Lake South mission in Utah. The mom told us that she was going to go buy us some fruit. We just thought, "Oh, that's really nice..." The dad and his 2 sons stayed with us just talking. The mom gets back in like 30 minutes with 6 grocery bags from el Tía (Tía is like a supermarket) filled with food!!! So there were 3 for each companionship. It had cerial, milk, eggs, oreos, and other snacks. We did the math and in total she spent about $44 on us... We didn't even know what to say but now our fridge is full haha. So that's were the title comes from.
Most of all though, it was a really eventful Sunday. Carlos Barrientos got confirmed by his dad and we participated in the confirmation as well. My companion and I gave talks in church. I gave a 15 minute talk using many parts of a talk that was given in the October 2013 general conference called: "Ye Are No More Strangers" by Gérald Caussé. I felt like the talk went really well. I also used some personal experiences from before the mission and during the mission. I thought the 2nd hour class as well that's called gospel principles. I talked about repentance for like 45 minutes with a small room filled with investigators. And after church, we had a meeting with the stake presidnecy and the mission president to discuss about problems and solutions in the stake with the other zone leaders of the stake too. After that we had on time to rest for the rest of the day with a ton of appointments. Sunday's are crazy lately.
We had a decent amount of meetings this week as well. On Friday we had a special training from the president and the assistants which took about all day long. We got so tired that we were just messing around for the last hour because we just couldn't foucs haha. But I did learn a lot from the training though. On Thursday we met all of the new missionaries that arrived in the zone. Everyone that arrived is either a new Elder or a sister missionary on her last change(6 weeks) so ending this change should be interesting haha. In fact, one of the sister missionaries that is dying (going home) this change was in my MTC district and is in my ward and opening a sector that was closed for 6 weeks. She's expecting a farewell party in 5 weeks. I'll see what tricks I have up my sleeve...
Today we went to La Mitad del Mundo again. Not the monuent but the museum right next door which is the real equator line. My camera is still acting broken so I'll have to send pictures from my companions camera. Speaking of that, a virus entered my companions camera memory last week so Carlos's baptismal pictures are probably lost forever. But we'll see what we can do to somehow fix it. I'll always have the memory though.
Oh, y sólo para que sepan, voy a cambiar la escritura abajo (en la bandera) cada semana para que mis cartas sean más interesantes. Ésta semana es 1 Nefi 19:9... ¡Búsquenlas, son buenas, les prometo! ¡Tengan una buena semana todos! ¡Los quiero mucho!

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