Tuesday, January 13, 2015

(WEEK 72) ¡Me quedo!

Round 3 in El Condado! These changes were so wierd. None of the leaders in the zone changed (2 zone leaders, 3 district leaders, and 1 sister leader) but just about everyone else did. I thought for sure I was going to be changed to Otavalo just cause my companion has about the same time as me here (Just 2 weeks less). But I'm pretty happy though! The Colombian and I get along really well. I'm expecting intermediate changes in 3 weeks but we'll see what happens. This is the first time I've ever had a companion for more than 2 changes (12 weeks).

Carlitos Barrientos got baptized last Saturday! His dad baptized him and then he bought us a ton of food after. It was sweet... Really spiritual too when they shared their testimonies after. He didn't get confirmed because this week was stake conference but he'll be ready to be confirmed on the 18th of January. Speaking of the stake conference, that was awesome too! The stake president got an area 70, my mission president and his wife, and the Guayaquil temple president and his wife to come and speak. So it was just packed with inspiration haha. All of the talks were really good.

This week we also had the mission council and sone conference. The main theme for the mission council was "obedience" and the mission president used some talks from general conference to make it kind of deeper and it was pretty sweet. This week I also did divisions with Elder Madsen in La Mena de Hierro. Which is a sector that is basically nothing more than a giant hill. The house is probably the highest house in the mission haha. But the divisions were pretty sweet. We had a good time and had a lot of success that day. I'm mad though because he had changes and is in Otavalo now.

This week on Friday I lost my agenda with all the numbers of all the members in the 3 sectors in the ward, with names and addresses and everything. My companion was freaking out because he had almost no numbers in his agenda. I though I was going to get changed and leave him without a ton of the information about the sector (Some of the information is in the Area Book but the agenda had everything). I lost it in a phone booth when I had to use one to call my companion to end the divisions on Friday. Luckly, we passed by yesterday and it was still sitting there... And I didn't get changed anyways.

Un misionero me llamó por cabina hace como 20 minutos. Está yendo a nuestra zona (Ofelia) desde Coca en la Oriente (Mi primer sector en la misión). Él justo llegó al terminal de Quitumbe (Un terminal que se queda bien por el sur de Quito) y tiene que viajar como una hora y media todavía para llegar al terminal de Carcelén (Un terminal que se queda bien por el norte de Quito). Estaba un poco perdido y me recordé que yo tuve que pasar por el mismo sufrimiento hace 11 meses cuando hice el mismo viaje pero de Coca a Quito a Quinindé jajaja. Yo tuve que explicarle a él bien como viajar en Quito para que no se perdiera. Tal como asistente Elder Thomas me lo explicó a mi hace 11 meses. El tiempo está pasando demasiado rápido jaja.

¡Espero que tengan una semana buena! Y que no se pierdan donde sea que estén. Sólo digo eso por mis experiencias propias en la misión jajaja. Me he perdido como 3 veces. Es bueno que yo ya conozca Quito bien. ¡Y espero que todo está bien donde sea que estén! ¡Que el señor les bendiga! ¡Saludos a todos! ¡Los quiero muchísimo!

Find someone that knows Spanish hahaha!

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